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Two young men receive an unexpected gift
The package appeared outside Ben’s new apartment as he is unpacking his stuff. It is wrapped in plain brown paper with no post marks or return address just Ben’s name written on it and the name of his flat mate Alan. Curious he unwrapped it and couldn’t help laughing when he saw what was inside.

“Who on earth would send me such a ridiculous thing?” He wondered removing the huge double ended dildo from the box "well it’s addressed to Alan too I suppose I better see what he thinks of it.”

With a shrug he goes to find his friend.

“Hey Alan check out the house warming gift someone sent us” he jokes waving the dildo in Alan’s face.

“Ugh, get away” Alan grumbles “that’s just creepy, who would even send us that? Was there a note or something?”

“I was wondering the same thing. I guess there could have been a note I…OWW!”

Ben yelps as Alan grabs the other end of the dildo and they both receive a painful shock.

“The fuck man!” Alan says shaking his hand feeling a prickling numbness after the shock “Is that supposed to be funny?”

“Hey don’t look at me” Ben protests his innocence “I got shocked too,why would I trick myself?”

Ben rubs his hand frowning as the numb feeling spreads up his arm instead of fading like he’d expect. He sees Alan doing the same thing and gasps as he sees Alan’s hand has changed his nails have become long and well manicured and his fingers are becoming long and slender. He notices it too and gapes as the change spreads up his arm his muscular bicep shrinking as he watches. They watch each other change too shocked to even scream, large breasts sprout from their chests and and long hair tumbles past their shoulders. Their bodies and facial features soften becoming more feminine, shrinking and expanding in different places until they each have a full set of female curves and look completely female.

Alan yelps as he feels a tugging in his groin and he squirms out of his now ill fitting pants just in time to see his cock and balls being sucked into his body reforming into smooth pussy Ben grabs at his own crotch as he suffers the same fate.

The two new girls stare at each other in shock until Alan breaks the silence

“Fucking hell!” he swears his voice high and quavering "look at me! Look at you, we’re chicks!”

Ben can only nod in response as he runs his small hands over his changed body hefting the soft weight of his breast, feeling the unfamiliar swell of his now much larger ass. Finally daring to probe the smooth flat gap between his legs whimpering at the lose of his manhood at the same time his new anatomy tingles at strange pleasant ache starts somewhere inside him.

While Ben explores his new body Alan retrieves the package and reads aloud from the note that was tucked inside the wrapping.

Hello boys hope you are enjoying my little house warming gift. I imagine you are both freaking out right now but don’t panic there is a way to reverse your transformations if you act fast. Simply use the dildo to give yourself an orgasm and you’ll be back to your rugged selves in a flash.

Kisses Becky

P.S. oh btw the dildo only has enough magic to restore one of you. Which ever one of gets his rocks off first gets his dick back the other one stays a sexy girl forever. Have fun with that ♡♡♡♡

“Holy shit” Alan curses “Your crazy bitch ex girlfriend has really done it this time. I knew she wasn’t happy about you dumping her and moving in with me but this is just fucked up.”

“No shit” replies Ben wincing at how girly he sounds “more importantly all that bullshit about her being a witch was for real! If I knew she could do this I probably wouldn’t have ditched her by facebook.”

The two of them stand there for a long moment coming to grips with what has happened until Alan makes a grab for the dildo.

“Wait what are you doing?” Ben demands as Alan sits on the floor sits on the floor and spreads his legs.

“Isn’t that obvious?” he stuffs one end of the dildo into his pussy with a groan. “I’ll be damned if I spend the rest of my life with these jugs because you were a lousy boyfriend!”

His face turns red with humiliation as he starts to masturbate as a girl. The strangeness of being penetrated warring with the delicious pleasure of feeling his new pussy stretching to take the rubber toy.

Ben gapes at his friend not quite believing that he would be so willing to play along with Becky’s sick game but the fact is he is. It dawns on him that if he doesn’t play too then he is going to be a girl permanently. He gets down on the floor and swallowing his pride lowers himself onto the other end.

A soft feminine moan escapes his lips

“Oh God” he mutters “I even sound like a slut. I can’t believe this is really happening to me”

Neither of them can meet the other’s eye as they compete to get off, the feeling of pleasure quickly growing until it overwhelms the strangeness of the situation. Their soft moans and whimpers building into into full throated screams of ecstasy.

Alan’s first female orgasm eventually surges through his body overwhelming his senses and making the room spin. His head goes light and he blacks out for a moment. When he comes round a little later he can still feel the weight of his breasts on his chest and the dull pleasant ache of his well used pussy. He looks up and sees Ben standing over him also still a woman.

“Fuck that lying bitch!” he groans as the implications of that sink in “I guess that means we are stuck like this?”

Ben just nods long hair flopping in his face, Alan sighs trying to take in the enormity of the situation. They are women, they are always going to be women, they are going to have to spend the rest of their lives sitting to pee and dealing with men trying to pick them up and having periods and all the other trials of being a woman not to mention the fact that they don’t have valid ID and that it is going to be very hard to convince anyone that they are really them. His head buzzs with a thousand thoughts but cutting through it all one inescapable idea…

“Oh shit! That felt so good, I don’t think I’ll even miss my cock if I can just feel like that again!”
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