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by Toad
Rated: E · Critique · Parenting · #2060744
- Discussion about the Hate in Humanity and the lack of Humanity in Hate -

* * * note: open system phonetic replacement "werds" are intentional used within this critique * * *

I bumped into a motivational poster emoticon while looking 4 an emoticon that would werk 4 sUmthing I was werk'n on and I came across oNe that was absolutely deplorable and quoting the emoticon verbatim, it says:

"I may be a MEAN MOM and that is ok, because sometimes you have to be "mean" to be a good example of how to be human."

I absolutely disagree that Mean can possibly fix Hate, nor dew eYe believe that Mean and/or Hate is an good example of how to be human, it's how wild monkeys and human asswipes act instead; and Child Psychology dictates using Love & Logic 0NLY is ALWAYS the 0NLY way to fix ANY and ALL duality perception driven personal sociological problems and Love and Logic bi-versely leave n0 room 4 Mean 2 exist within, as a possible solution 2 fix the problem. From that, the question I have asked is simple:

Is there Funk in Mean and/or Mean in Funk?

You might think the answer is “No” but sUm0ne calling themselves Laura Funk says otherwise:


The worst part of that blogged story is finding out the author-mother is a bona fide government licensed hi-skewl science teacher, and I say that’s the worst part of the story because her vernacular skills are beyond atrocious and given that I personally have a 9th grade pubic edumacation and she’s “going 4” her Master’s Degree, she proves her/our government has failed her/us miserably and now that same government is dew’n the same thing to the children she teaches, besides her dew’n it to her own children as well.

Whatever pubic skewl she teaches at, I feel sorry 4 the young student minds that are being tainted with her shit logic, as is ever-present throughout her entire discussion about Hate and that atrociously unskilled and unintelligent hi-skewl teacher does an excellent job of proving she’s clueless about almost EVERYTHING and a statement made by her towards the end says it all:

“I am definitely in over my head, but I am confident that I am doing something right.”

In the beginning of that breath of wasted air, she says she “definitely” can’t handle the situation but in her final exhalation, she then contradicts herself by saying she can handle the situation with “confidence” and throughout the entire article, that same shit contradictory logic is ever-present with most, if not all of her statements. She is constantly contradicting herself from within each statement, besides bad sentence/thought formation throughout, and that’s known as Contradictory Logic/Thought, which is dumber-than-dumb logic, since it creates Flux in the person’s logical thought process, which further dumbs-down the person. And you can look at her picture and from it you can easily see she’s dumber than Funk, especially since she opened her mouth to prove it, just like Tronald Dump seems to have a habit of dew’n when he opens his silver-tongued perceptual mouth. But at least she married the right guy so she’d finally have a last name that fits her logic; and since the Open System Theory of Relativity dictates “Everything is Relative 2 SourCe and SourCe is Relative to Everything” her marital last name says it all and I’d have to personally recommend she change her last name to “St00pid” so as to constantly remind her of how stupid she is, just like what Chevy Chase did to Jane Curtain (Jane eWe-ign0rant-slut) because her name was inherently jinxed 4 theatre/showbiz and Chevy did an excellent job of correcting the problem with the answer he came-up with and that mother should follow suit, so she doesn’t screw-up her children’s minds/lives any more than she already has, because you can look at the picture of the little boy and in that picture it’s obvious the smile is being forced and that underneath that smile, the boy is screaming: “Help! I have assholes 4 parents.”

It’s n0 w0nder the little b0y Hates his m0mmy! She’s an Absolute Royal kUnt!

“n0 child ever made a mistake the parent didn’t make 1st.” – Old Toad Proverb (aka: binary nature of open system parent/child relationship (n0/1st))

"The Greatest Parent there ever was, wasn't; and the Greatest Teacher of the Truth, isn't." - Old Toad Proverb

"When wr0ng is the Teacher, wr0ng is the Student and 2 wr0ngs don't make a Right; it 0nly creates Left, as in “left-0ut”." - Old Toad Proverb

"eWe can't teach sUm0ne sUmThing they already kn0w." - Old Toad Proverb

Jesus’s Golden Rule: "Always error on the side of Love!"

Old Toad Proverb: "If y0u're g0ing to be wr0ng, be wr0ng with Love!"

“If y0u’re g0ing 2 be Left wr0ng, fix it with Love Right instead.” – Old Toad Proverb

"kNot even God can win the argUment against st00pidity, when st00pid is judging the c0ntest." - Old Toad Proverb

I’m kNot going to dissect the entire article/story but that’s because there isn’t anything right about it and once you read it you should easily be able to see just how bad her contradictory logic is, besides noticing how atrocious her vernacular skills are, and from that, please “pipe-up” about ANY part of the mother's story that gits-ur-toad.

But the main thing the story explains is that the mother does kNot think she erred, she thinks she's perfect and that's shown by the simple fact she did kNot ask her son why he felt that way about her, why did he Hate his mother, and where did he learn Hate from? The most important part of those two questions is where did the boy learn Hate from, because a parent should never teach Hate and when your children show signs of Hate, finding out where they are learning their Hate from is crucial; and then, finding out why your child just said they Hate eWe, is also extremely important 4 the parent to kN0w so they can fix themselves but as that blogged story shows, the mother doesn't think there's anything wrong with her Logic but Everything is wrong with her Logic. That mother's Logic has royally screw'n up her Love 4 others, 2 include her own children.

“God’s Children kNeeD 2 learn 2 take responsibility 4 their actions so that when they grow-up they do n0t eVeR become Parents believing that n0thing is eVeR their faUlt.” – Young Tadpole Proverb

“Ignorance inversely fuels Fear, which then forms Anger and the Anger then reflectively magnifies the “Ignorance & Fear” even more, to then form Hate; which, the Hate then reflectively fuels the Ignorance even more. Rinse & Repeat. - (Tri-versal Law of Hate Theory) – or – (Triangle of Hate Theory) - or – (Closed System Law of Inversed Perpetual Motion Theory)” – Old Toad Proverb

“{>{>{>((Fear/Ignorance) x Anger = Hate)<}<}<} - (Equation of Hate Theory) - or – (Closed System Equation of Inversed Perpetual Motion Theory)” – Old Toad Proverb

Parents are messing up their kids with shit logic/love and that parental st00pidity MUST END in the parent first, 4 it 2 ever end in the children; because the children of this world have n0 chance of h0pe until the prevailing bad parental logic of this world is completely eradicated from the minds of st00pid parents/leaders!

“Start with bad math, end with bad math, irregardless the answer.” – Old Toad Proverb

"Perception is n0t Logical, thus, Logic is n0t Perceptual." - Old Toad Proverb

“n0thing interferes with my learning [of the trUth] more than my formal [government led] ed-u-cat-i-on.” – Albert Einstein

“The greater the formal government led education, the greater the fool.” – Old Toad Proverb

"In a Closed System World/Universe there are about as many Truths as there are Mistruths, with both being numerous, but in an Open System World/Universe there is only One Truth, the rest is I-magi-nation; and that One Truth is Love (simplicity) sourced from Logic (necessity), with God (the Universe/Nature) its SourCe." - Old Toad Proverb

“The only source of knowledge is experience.” – Albert Einstein

“Whatever you Read in Books and Listen to from Preachers, Teachers, and Gurus, only creates Confusion. It's living the Confusion that creates Knowledge; reading a book or listening to others has never created knowledge, that only creates sheeple.” – Old Toad Proverb

“Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.” – Albert Einstein

“He who sees 0nly with his own two eyes, sees 0nly what he wants to see; he who listens 0nly with his own two ears, hears 0nly what’s he wants to hear; he who walks 0nly on his own two legs, walks 0nly where he wants to walk; and he who loves 0nly with his own heart, loves 0nly himself.” – Old Toad Proverb (based on Matthew Henry quote)

"Truth & Love are like the 0pp0site ends of a Rainbow, with all the beauty of God in-between; but don't waste your time trying 2 catch the Rainbow, catch Truth & Love first and the Rainbow will then come 2 You!" - Old Toad Proverb

Ribbit *FacePalm*

Ps: Here's an example of a Public School Teacher that does it RIGHT:


I nominate her for a Nobel Peace Prize, not just for being an awesome Teacher but also for getting that video out so the world can be alerted to the fact an ENTIRE town has been enslaved by their government and all it took was for the government to close the Tunnel at night to the town. That fucks everyone over and is pure Spain Law Philosophy because the local governments have ZERO Interstate Commerce powers and to close a road to a town requires Interstate Commerce Powers, since ICP applies to ALL navigable bi-ways in the United States so only Congress or the President can close a road like that road has been closed.

Those peeps in that town need a Savior. Is there one amongst us that can save them or are all of you lazy pieces of shit and not willing to do what it takes to fix this world? If you don't get off your fat asses and do something about this Evil world, you will perish with the Evil because to ignore Evil is to become Evil and all the Evil of this world is about to be washed from its shores for good, to never return again.

Pss: I had to alter the displayed Title because it had 42 characters and only 40 characters are allowed. From that, I changed "in" to "n" to take out the additional 2 characters that exceeded the maximum allowed. Also, my use of phonetic replacement werds is 101% intentional and since it qualifies as intentional use of open system werds, then there are no misspellings and if the phonetics bother eWe, then eWe just found out you are a closed minded fool (aka: Artificial Intelligence), since it has been proven repeatedly that Artificial Intelligence cannot tolerate the use of phonetic replacement werds. So please dew kNot mention misspelled werds in this critique, since there are kN0w misspelled werds herein. Plus, eYe am kNot asking you for a spelling/grammar review of this critique, I am asking for a logic/grammar review of that government licensed high school teacher, that is busy TEACHING YOUR KIDS 2 BE ST00PID. ;)

Doesn't anyone care that GOVERNMENT LICENSED ST00PID is teaching our kids; teaching our future? This world's hope rests with our children being properly educated and when shit teachers like her are at the helm, the children of this world have kN0w chance of hope!

Also, here's a copy of the mother's blogged Article from the link provided earlier:

Hi there! I'm Laura a roller derby gal, high school science teacher and most importantly wife and mother. Join in on our funky world as we try and navigate this thing called life.

How to Handle the word "Hate" with Love and Logic.

It is mid-April, I have been busting my butt to work, educating other peoples children, raise my own family, complete my masters program online, write this blog and keep it together. I was pretty sure I was doing a decent job until this weekend. This weekend proved that I am a bit in over my head...and that is ok.

It is completely ok but upsetting at the same time. You see those adorable kids in that happy family picture. Well the boy told me he "hated" me this weekend when I told him that marshmallows were not an acceptable snack and to put those away. That sequence of events was followed by me telling him to pack his stuff because he was going to live with a fictional lady named "Lisa" who was offering him a closet to live in and a bowl of lima beans a day. Whatever he brought with him was what he had for the rest of his life and I wasn't coming to visit. He broke my mommy heart into a million pieces...I responded very calmly with some skills I have learned from love and logic.

We are both learning this whole parent/child relationship business. We are both trying, we are pushing buttons and we are learning what each other needs in each unique situation. My son felt like he needed marshmallows. I logically knew that he needed a healthier snack option. He retaliated with a hurtful phrase which he probably doesn't quite understand because he didn't get his way. I responded in a manner that was logical. "I cannot help someone who hates me."

I am sure many people wonder why I responded this way? I did it to help him understand how hurtful the word "HATE" is. In our society it drives crime, kills people and destroys families. It is not welcome in my house; I cannot support hate.

Obviously "Lisa" would never come to my house and you would have to literally kill me before my kids were taken from me. They are my everything which is why "hate" hurts. It hurts any mommy and sends us into a spiral of wondering what we are doing wrong. It took me some time to reflect on myself. To realize I did nothing wrong. I did it right. I taught him in that moment with little emotion, just factual responses, that to hate someone or something is not acceptable. I cooled down and was able to talk with him yesterday. It took me a couple days and that is fine. He should understand that word is not just a word. It carries meaning that is powerful and can adjust how people react to you. We talked. He knows that mommy was sad. I was never mad, he knew that too.

I will say that the last couple days have been good. He is communicating better and so am I. We needed to reconnect, even if it took some marshmallows to realize that.

I am definitely in over my head, but I am confident that I am doing something right. I haven't given up and I am teaching my kids about what it is to be human. Not all lessons will be easy, I will not always respond logically and in some cases I may not always been entirely loving, but I have a goal. I, like any other parent, want my child to be a well-respected and loved, functioning member of society that has compassion and passion and does NOT hate.


"I may be a mean MOM and that is ok, because sometimes you have to be "mean" to be a good example of how to be human."
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