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Rated: GC · Short Story · Erotica · #2060845
Kaitlyn finds her new sex ed class to be a real eye opener
Kaitlyn took a deep breath as she turned the door handle to the classroom
where her Sex 101 class was held. As she stepped through the doorway her
stomach seemed like it was full of butterflies as she remembered her
professor's instructions from the prior class. She moved quickly to the
side of the room and stood in front of the cubby labeled with her name
where her clothes would be stored during the class.

She had hoped to be the first to arrive figuring that it would be easier
if she were, but half the class seemed to have the same idea. Several boys
and girls were already naked at their desks, white towels spread underneath
them. Kaitlyn scanned the room looking for a curtain to strip behind. Of
course there isn't one. she sighed to herself I suppose that make sense
since I'll be sitting nude in front of them. She slipped off her shoes and
socks placing them in the back of the cubby. Keeping her back to the
class, she reached down to unbutton her jeans, her hand shaking with
nerves. A blush filled her face as she unfastened the button and slid the
zipper down. No boy has seen me naked and here I am stripping in front of
a bunch of them. As she bent to push the jeans to the floor she noticed
the mirrored surface in the back of the cubbies. She also noticed that a
couple of the male students had noticed the mirrors as well and were
watching her undress. This caused the blush to spread even further on her
cheeks. Deciding it would be best to get this over quickly so she could at
least have the limited cover of her desk, Kaitlyn pulled her shirt over her
head tossing it into the cubby with her jean. Her bra soon followed
allowing her average sized breasts to sway as she moved. When she stepped
out of her panties she was surprised to find a small wet spot in the
crotch. What? She grabbed a towel and used it to hide her hand as she
brushed her hand over her mound, finding it slightly wet. I'm turned on by

Laying the towel on her chair, she sat down on it, still blushing
furiously. As she waited for the class to start she kept her legs firmly
pressed together. Finally after what seemed like an eternity Professor
Kendall strode through the doorway, hanging his trench coat next to the
door. "Good morning class. I'm delighted to see that many of you decided
to return. Here are your identification bracelets." Moving around the
classroom with a small box, he set a small silver bracelet on the desk in
front of Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn picked up the bracelet surprised. She had figured that the
wristbands would have been the flimsy plastic type bands that hospitals
used. It seemed like it was a finely crafted piece of jewelry, not a cheap
item. The top of the bracelet was engraved with the school logo and the
words Kaitlyn Cantwell - Sex Ed 101. Opening the clasp she slipped it over
her left wrist. The coolness of the metal on her wrist reminded her that
she was naked in front of twenty other people. Shifting in her chair
nervously she felt the moisture between her legs once again, causing her
cheeks - which had finally returned to their normal color to redden once

"Now for our first class exercise we will be learning about our bodies.
However, we don't have what we need here. Please follow me." As he started
towards the door the class moved to their cubbies to pick up their clothes.
With a smile their professor stopped them. "You may put on your shoes and
socks, but nothing else since class is still in session." There was a
murmur of shocked whispers amongst the students as they put their clothes
back in their cubbies and put on their shoes.

Professor Kendall opened the door and motioned for the class to file out
into the hallway. The group obeyed, trying to cover themselves with their
hands as best as they could. "We are going to the science labs, and part
of your grade is based on how well you handle the walk. If you walk like
you are now, it surely will reflect poorly on you. Be proud of your body."
Kaitlyn moved her hands away from her breasts and her mound. Immediately
she felt like the whole world was watching her. Kaitlyn was thankful no
one was in the hallway at the moment. As the group started walking her
professor's words registered. The science labs? That's across campus!
She froze in shock causing the boy behind her to bump into her. Kaitlyn
squeaked as she felt his penis brush against her ass. Quickly she took a
couple steps forward breaking the contact. Stealing a glance behind her
she saw the sandy haired boy shrug apologetically.

As they reached the end of the hallway and opened the door to outside;
Kaitlyn tried to keep her mind off the feeling of the boy pressed against
her backside. The more she tried however the more it came to mind. She
shook her head trying to rid the thought, sending her long strands of her
brunette hair swinging. Halfway to the labs she heard catcalls from
students in the quad. As her cheeks heated, so did her pussy, she could
feel the warmth and the wetness radiating off it as she walked.

Finally they reached the privacy of the labs. As she found an empty
stool to sit on she realized that her heart was reaching. Get a grip girl!
You're parents raised you better than to be turned on by people you don't
even know, never mind love. She listened halfway to her teacher reading of
pairings of names as a second voice in her head retorted Oh? Then why are
you in this class knowing what it will entail? She heard her name and
moved to the assigned stool. That's different! It is purely educational.
Kaitlyn felt the cool metal of the stool pressing against her ass and legs.
She like most of her classmates had forgotten their towels back in the
other classroom. The voices still were arguing in her head. Yeah right.
That's the only reason you took this course... Kaitlyn pushed the voices
to the back of her head and turned to look at her lab partner. As she saw
his sandy hair she gasped, her cheeks reddening. She prayed he couldn't
tell that she was wetter than she was a few minutes ago.

"Hi. I'm Chris." He said offering her his hand.

Taking his hand and returning the handshake, still blushing she replied

They both turned their attention back to their professor who was
explaining that for today's lesson they would be finding out their
measurements so they could compare them to the general average. A girl a
table up from Kaitlyn raised her hand.

"Yes Ms. Yates?"

"Well I'm confused as to why we had to come here for that. I can tell
you right now I am a 36C-33-35. I'm sure many of the other girls know
their size as well. Most of the guys too."

Professor Kendall chuckled before responding. "That is just the first
set of measurements, and I agree you may know them, but you will take them
again here anyhow. As for the rest, do you know how long your vagina is?
How wide when you spread your labia? How about how deep? The precise
color? Does your partner know how long and thick he is? You will take all
the measurements on the sheets in front of you on your partner. Your
partner may not help you in anyway to take the measurements."

Kaitlyn and Chris looked down at their papers and the lists of
measurements they were to perform. They started out innocent enough, but
by the time they had read through the whole list both of them were

"Would you like to start?" Chris offered holding out the metal rulers
and the tray of various implements.

"Um... sure I guess." Kaitlyn quickly measured the width of his
shoulders, chest, and weight, as well as his height using the flexible tape
measure. Then she came to flaccid penis length. Taking a look at Chris's
she shook her head. "I guess we'll have to come back to that one." Picking
up the metal ruler she laid it carefully against his cock causing it to
twitch slightly. Moving her face closer to the ruler to read the fine
markings she noted that he was 6.1 inches long. Picking up a flexible ring
she slipped it over his shaft as per the instructions on her sheet, her
hands trembling slightly. She tightened it down until it was snug on him.
These marking were even fainter, and she had to put her face right next to
it to read the tiny numbers. Once she had noted the number, she stayed
next to his cock for several seconds taking in the sight of it before
moving to record the number of 4.2 inches for the girth.

Handing the ruler back to him after completing other measurements
Kaitlyn laughed nervously. "We'll have to see if you've calmed down by the
end of class." She noticed that Chris blushed at this. I wonder if he is a
virgin too?

As Chris took the innocent measurements from her, her mind drifted back
to when her mouth was so close to his penis. She wondered what it would
have been like to have taken it in her mouth. With a start she realized
that Chris was talking to her. "Huh? Sorry."

"The sheet says the rest of your measurements might be easiest to take
if you are laying on the table." Kaitlyn used the stool to give herself
enough height to sit on the table. Taking a deep breath she laid down her
legs hanging off the edge so that her vagina was at the edge of the table.
Seconds later the cool metal ruler was laying on her clit measuring it
before shifting to get the length of her slit. When Chris's hands parted
her lips spreading them out to get their width Kaitlyn closed her eyes and
bit her lips. She tried desperately to not think of his hands exploring
her body. Part of her was mortified that a boy she just met was touching
her, while the other part yearned for it to go further.

"The last test is your inner measurements. Are you ready?"

"As ready as I'm going to be."

"It says here to ask if your hymen is still intact, before I start."

Kaitlyn blushed at such a personal question. "No I tore it in
gymnastics years ago."

"Ok here goes." Chris started to push a narrow rod into her. Moments
later he slid the cold metal implement out of her. "4.5 inches deep." He
told her as he picked up a cone shaped device. As he pushed into her,
Kaitlyn squirmed on the table as she spread her legs wider for better

Once he had it in up to the three and an half inch diameter mark she
grabbed hold of his wrist. "Wait. Give me a second." She grimaced as the
tool stretched her. Kaitlyn noticed that her breathing had become very
shallow and her nipples felt warm. She opened her eyes and looked into
Chris's with lusty eyes. "I think I can take more if you work it in and

Chris pulled the device out slightly before moving it back in. As he
pushed it back in a soft moan escaped from her lips. As he continued to
work the tool in and out of her Kaitlyn's hips moved to try to maintain
contact with the device. She could feel the cone spread her lips wider
with each push into her, each time drawing another moan from her lips. She
had fingered herself often enough to recognize the feeling that was
starting to wash over her, but this was the first time another person would
be causing it. All she could think about was Chris and the feelings he was
causing. The rest of the class, and even the fact that they were in a
classroom had slipped completely from her mind.

Her moans became louder as she began to orgasm from the slow thrusting.
As she drew the attention of the entire class with her climax, her muscles
spasmed inside her, drawing the tool even further into her, by the time she
had finished, and lay still on the desk, the device was in her slightly
past the six inch diameter mark.

"Very good Kaitlyn. I didn't think I'd get a practical example of this

As her teacher spoke Kaitlyn realized where she was. She started to
reach between her legs to remove the cone, but was frozen by her teacher's

"Please leave it. Class gather around." There was a shuffling of chairs
as all of the class moved behind Chris. "She how wide Ms. Cantwell has
been spread? The vagina is a wonderful organ, able to change size to
accomodate practically any size, if it's owner is aroused enough.
Furthermore, it lengthens." Kaitlyn closed her eyes not believing the
entire class was staring at her pussy as she lay on the desk. "Mr. White,
if you'd remeasure your partner's depth..."

Kaitlyn felt Chris pull the cone out of her, and immediately missed the
fullness that it provided. As he slipped the cold metal rod back inside
her, she felt herself contract around it, creating a snug fit once again.

"Six inches sir."

"And what was it before?"

"Four and a half inches."

"This goes to show you girls that you can fit nearly any cock in to you
if you are aroused enough, so I don't want to hear that someone/thing is
too big. Gather your things it it time to head back."

Kaitlyn got down off the lab table and stood on shakey legs. I can't
believe I just orgasmed in front of the class.. As they made the trip back
to their classroom she found the walk there was not as humiliating as the
earlier walk. After all, after orgasming in front of the class, this was

**** Author's note: Your feedback will help guide what future lessons
might entail. Have something you'd like to see taught? Send me an email
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