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Older sib takes younger to go trick or treating.
         You have not lived life to the fullest until you've taken your kid sister and her friend trick or treating, dressed as a pumpkin. I asked dad to take me costume shopping and sadly that's one of the few that remained. Also, what I felt comfortable with, after a while the costumes digress pretty quickly. At 15, that's about as god as it gets. Especially when you're brother Rick,18, runs off to Halloween Horror Nights leaving you holding the bag. This year promises to be the most exciting day in your teen life. Especially since your sister decided t the last possible moment to be a werewolf. Don't. Ask. It's going to be a long night.

         ''Bye Michelle, bye Ruth! Have fun! And don't forget to pick up Sam.'' Oh right, you were supposed to pick up your sister's friend before you went off and embarrassed yourself in public. Great. Well, best to get that out of the way.

         Sam chose the traditional ghost theme this year. Last year he went all out and went as a beet. A. Beet. Well, his mom's a vegan so maybe that played a part. At least he has an actual costume instead of an old sheet. And at least he isn't a pumpkin! On with the show.

         Who knew kids were so annoying. Mom never let the kids go out on Halloween alone. They were always together as a family. At least the kids were when the parents couldn't. Mom was excited for the trick or treaters. She indulged this year, whatever that meant. They had already hit 5 houses and the kids were well on their way to enjoying Halloween. She had already passed some people she knew. Bob down the street waved as he escorted a daisy and some princesses down the street. So, at least she wasn't alone in her duties. She could only hope she wouldn't run into-

         ''Hey Michelle, great costume. Happy Halloween!'' She tried to shrink as Joe Parkas sauntered by. Oh, why did she have to be wearing this stupid thing where her crush could see her? The kids were oblivious and well on their way to developing a sugar rush. Ms. Gramsci's house was coming up next. She had really gone all out this ear. Jack o' lanterns lined the driveway and a witch was caught in the tree by the house. Cobwebs covered the back gate. Happy Halloween was done up in lights in the arch way.

          Before Arleen could offer the sweets, ''Howooooo! Happy Howl o' ween! Give us the candy lady!'' Michelle cuffed the back of her sister's head. The kids got their candy and you got a cherry tootsie roll for your trouble. Maybe it wasn't going to be such a bad holiday after all.

         Happy Halloween!
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