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A demographic of who and where this book will be read and a query letter.

Target Market Young adult and 12 and above.
Children of 11 years on up. Race doesn’t matter. Comes from parents that own their home and are above average in income. They have good employment and stress education. Income of $150,000 to $450,000 and up.
Population of Sugar Land 83,869 people. Percentage of children in Sugar Land 36.6.
Good schools; many good readers as proven by the STAR testing.
Mixed races with Indian and Asian the highest percentage.


Query letter
The Ashes Rise
Emily is very deceptive with her parents. Once she tells them the truth, they were really upset with her, but when she apologizes they forgive and forget. They give her the key to their car to go to work, but as she is backing out onto the highway she is hit broadside by another car. The Trickster is behind all of this and she doesn’t realize it as of yet.
Life seems to be fine until Emily is called upon by the faeries. The Queen has been taken by the Trickster and they need her help. Emily begins her journey to help find her and she herself runs into trouble.
Her mother, dad and brother come to her rescue and after being told what has happened, they proceed to help her in her quest to find the Queen. The Tricksters does everything he can to stop her and her family from succeeding.
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