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by -xXx-
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blink smears
The incessant bl.ink.ing began on a Friday.
If not for the snail trails of smears,
she'd not be able to tell if they'd happened at all:

-pee.ps- 50 words

Her exposure to essential oils, aromatherapy arts and sciences and olfactory keys to both emotional response and memory became a multimedia montage playing out upon the backs of closed eyelids and intimate layered auditory sense around. The broadening smile burbled into a soft chuckle; knee deep in skunk, she thought.

10092015/2060987 -pee.ps- 0.0 00 18 skunk ~sir hounds~

-not see- 50 words

Archetype fail. Yetzer hara romanticizing breeders, feeders and vampire. Her perch was not lofty, but it was high enough to see planes and plains; contrail and golden grasses. Nero’s fiddle played the high notes of red draggin’ tales and camels huddled beneath stardust streamers; dreamers and screamers. The horizon arked.

10162015/2061995 -not see- 0.0 00 13 vampire ~hallow wean~

-guessed- 50 words

Doors were known to squeak at the most inopportune of times; recently refinished oak groaning underfoot. Jangling of car keys, flapping of coat tails, clicks of dead bolts and sighs. A perfect end of evening symphony obscuring the the even breath, the pale ale bottle grasped and unfamiliar eyes. Patient.

11062015/2064651 -guessed- 0.0 00 13 ale ~armed chair~

section two: montage=========blink-a

-t(a)sk force- 50 words

404 error. Words pivoted table from something logged natural. Platform spectators ooh-and-ahhed at the strange spiral through space. Black body, con densed, sucked trajectory jagged, in an escape velocity struggle. He rolled rock from Salt Lake to Las Vegas. She watched the number two; digits ready for the rear rail.

10142015/2061786 -t(a)sk force- 0.0 00 06 space ~nature rally~

-hi fi(b)ber: dye it- 50 words

Experience radiates; orbitals settling in, slowing to firm. Yielding to support as new pressures are brought to bear, she reaches out. Rooting around boulders, thin veined wonders branching lattice and lace work heavenly until willow wood be brought to sweep and weep. Barked bark balked and bulked: yellow snow nevers.

10192015/2062498 -hi fi(b)ber: dye it- 0.0 00 05 bark ~fur rest~

-so, lad hur.ry- 50 words

Georgie Porgie, Puddin' and Pie,
Kissed the girls and made them cry

Words gave way to humming, while deft hands skimmed skeins tangled, twisted, worsted and wasted. Colors phased: bright, shaded, faded; solid, spun, braided. Patiently, fingertips sorted, seeking a solitary strand. Atropos closed her eyes, glinting scissors in hand.

10212015/no post -so, lad hur.ry- 0.0 00 00 solitary ~at rope, ohs~

-se venti ai (te)- 50 words

The year began on a Friday and pioneer fund sprouted early spring using but fifty-seven years of curve ball bells to make the children sing:

Hello Dr. Graves, take a look at my DNA. Do you see my future there, clear as crystal?

Ripple then with Faraday; wave suzu gong.

10252015/no post -se venti ai (te)- 0.0 00 00 wave ~a.(n)ni a.no~

-(t)win.e- 50 words

Children and Perplexed held hands; skipping across empty lots, whispering mysteries of what they heard and saw, what they felt and what they felt they knew. Specks of fire curled emerald reduced to faintest steel laced white, as pupil studied the mirrored image turn. “First frost tonight.” Autumn eyed certain.

10312015/2063961 –(t)win.e- 0.0 00 07 Autumn, turn ~C~

-oy, stir pearl- 50 words

One step below the frozen flames of Krono's arc and one step above Poisidon's pulsing shore, hood freed fiery highlights flashed as skillful fingers moved quiver arrow to bow. Draconid pierced, gone red, tail swept third of stars fell from the sky; emerald flashes at horizon. Tumbled tome to toe.

11012015/2064110 -oy, stir pearl- 0.0 00 04 shore ~read her~

-in dah pen; dent- 50 words

Stare steps. Square steps. From-here-to-there steps. No-visible-bottom-just-air steps. Think twice. There was no convenient access backpack pocket containing a properly folded, thrice inspected parakite.

Looking from every manageable angle, listening for any movement, she sat, dangling her legs. She texted a friend. Path changing internal urge prompting: "Hear: just leave".

11102015/2065042 -in dah pen; dent- 0.0 00 05 leave ~ref rents, point~

-seize your- 50 words

Irreconcilable differences. Negotiation illusion deprecated. There was no need for the pretense of agreement, of respect, of working toward an equitable outcome. Roiling fosters crest crashing boomers: exit hollow horses, shallow houses squat. Headless Helen set spinning fragments of facade; refuse repurposed into blanket gifts patch worked - totally sick.

11232015/2066329 -seize your- 0.0 00 07 sick ~(tw)itch chez~

-fah.ling- 50 words

She knew it was no ocean, but the blue stretched far enough no coast was visible. The incoming breeze teased auburn locks into loosed, sun-kissed feathers dancing above ripples glinting. The island was as the freedom of her spirit in the best of times. She stepped resolutely through the window.

11282015/2066755 -fah.ling- 0.0 00 01 window. island ~fah (l): aye~

-dee laid- 50 words

The late night storm built thickening crystal ranges of wavering windshield trails of headlights, tail lights and signals before the pop and crackle like shattered glass began. Sirens sang lovingly luring lyrics, otherworldly, which twisted and bounced as if tossed between illusive fjord walls. The key went back to pocket.

11282015/2066756 -dee laid- 0.0 00 01 storm ~(w)holed.dit~
-ada kaleh- 50 words

Petite gem with sparkling eyes; living mists a curate. Spirited truths stranger sweeping alley ways and cafe floors. Flow the waters, the earth, the air, the a-kneeling-heeling fires under the studded celestial wheel turning. She sings before the iron gates: Danube, dervish, dance; so long fest of all. Karpates oros.

12092015/2067999 -ada kaleh- 0.0 00 32 t<merge

10092015/2060987 -pee.ps- 0.0 00 00 skunk ~sir hounds~
10162015/2061995 -not see- 0.0 00 12 vampire ~hallow wean~
11062015/2064651 -guessed- 0.0 00 06 ale ~armed chair~

10092015/2060991 -daze(D)- 0.0 00 14 blink smears

10142015/2061786 -t(a)sk force- 0.0 00 06 space ~nature rally~
10192015/2062498 -hi fi(b)ber: dye it- 0.0 00 04 bark ~fur rest~
10212015/no post -so, lad hur.ry- 0.0 00 00 solitary ~at rope, ohs~
10252015/no post -se venti ai (te)- 0.0 00 00 wave ~a.(n)ni a.no~
10312015/2063961 –(t)win.e- 0.0 00 06 Autumn, turn ~C~
11012015/2064110 -oy, stir pearl- 0.0 00 03 shore ~read her~
11102015/2065042 -in dah pen; dent- 0.0 00 00 leave ~ref rents, point~
11232015/2066329 -seize your- 0.0 00 09 sick ~(tw)itch chez~
11282015/2066755 -fah.ling- 0.0 00 07 window. island ~fah (l): aye~
11282015/2066756 -dee laid- 0.0 00 10 storm ~(w)holed.dit~
12092015/2067999 -ada kaleh- 0.0 00 32 t<merge

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