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Some of the girls from Monster Musume, with dicks. Warning: shrinking/growth will ensue
As you were laying in bed one night, Miia slowly opened your door and peered in. You saw the other monster girls standing behind her. "U-um... Darling?"
"What is it, Miia?" You responded. You felt concerned.
"W-well um... Miss Smith was here earlier and she um... Gave us all something to eat... It's uh... Hard to explain. Just... Just keep an open mind..." She slithered in, with a massive bulge in her skirt. She lifted her skirt, and you saw what looked like very large ballsack and two small cock heads poking out of a slit. This had to be a joke. They were each as big as softballs. "W-wait, this has to be some sort of joke," you stuttered.
"N-no! We're all like this!" Miia said. She opened the door and you saw more monster girls standing there, nodding their heads.
"Actually, Suu, Lala, Mero and I are fine." Rachnera chimed in,"Suu and Mero weren't affected, Lala couldn't find her body in time, and I wasn't dumb enough to eat it."
"She told us to watch out for possible side effects that it might have on humans, Master." Cerea said. She had a massive, plump sheathe where her horsecock would presumably come from, and an even bigger set of balls than Miia. "I think it's fun!" Papi cheered. Her dick was absolutely massive. It nearly reached her knees, and was almost as thick as her thighs. She was gyrating her hips, sending her massive cock flopping in all directions.
You sat there awestruck. You assumed it was all a dream. "I'm going back to sleep." You plainly said. When you woke up in the morning, you felt Miia wrapped around you. Something was poking you. In fact, 2 things were poking you. "Miia, what's poking me?" You asked. Miia slowly woke up and mumbled,"it's my *yawn* ..." Then fell back asleep. If you didn't know any better, you would've assumed they were dicks, but Miia was a girl... right? Besides, they were far too big to be penises. You couldn't see what they were since she was tightly coiled around you. To wake her up, you worked your hand to the tip of her tail and began stroking it. "Ah! Darling! You're so naughty..." Miia moaned.
"Now that you're up, what are you holding inbetween us?" You questioned. Miia paused and looked at you, then turned bright red. It seemed that she forgot about her "predicament".
"W-well remember what I said about keeping an open mind, okay?" Mia said. She loosened her grip around you enough for you to see the two massive, slightly scaly dicks protruding from the lamia. They were easily as big as your forearm.
"Darling, won't you help me take care of these?" Miia asked, grinning seductively.
"W-well um... I-"
"Of course you will!" Miia cheered. She wrapped her tail around you, holding your arms to your side. She moved you so that your head was over the side of the bed, upside down. "I hope you're ready, because this is a lot of snake meat!" Staring face to face at the giant lamia dicks was truly intimidating.
"Are you sure this is a goo-" you were cut off as Miia slid one of her entire dicks down your throat. You could feel it prodding inside of your stomach. Miia wasn't acting like herself. She must have been overtaken by lust. As the lamia continued thrusting, her second dick slapped on top of you.
*ring ring*
Someone was calling your phone. "Don't worry Darling, I'll get it," Miia told you. "Hello? This is Miia, Darling can't talk right now."
"Yes this is Smith. About your, um... Things. Sorry for not telling you what I was getting you into. Just make sure not to expose any humans to your semen. It could result in drastic size change."
"Ah, okaAAAAAYYY" Miia screamed. While struggling for air you managed to grab the tip of her tail. The stimulation of her dick and tail was too much, and she collapsed onto you while hanging up on Ms. Smith. Your lips pressed against her smooth, scaly balls. In fact, your whole face was pressed into them. "D-darling I'm gonna -AAAAAAHHHHHHH" Miia moaned and screamed. She started releasing her load directly into your stomach. After nearly a minute her ejaculation finally ended. Lamia jizz poured out of your nose and mouth as Miia slowly pulled her massive schlong out from your throat.
"Hey, what about those possible side effects? What's gonna happen to me?" You sputtered, lamia baby batter oozing out of your mouth and nose. "Oh Darling, I'm sure you'll be fine," Miia reassured, applying a thick coat of lipstick for the day. "Also, sorry about that. I don't know what came over me, but I just had to cum." You doubted Miia's reasoning regarding no side effects, but it was best not to think about them. Then suddenly you collapsed and rolled onto the wooden floor.
When you started coming back to consciousness you heard arguments overhead. You opened your eyes and looked around. Everything seemed bigger. A lot bigger. You look to your left. Papi has... 3 legs? Oh... That's not a leg... "Oh! Husband's awake!" Papi cheers as she hops forward. Her massive dick was as big flaccid as Miia's were hard. Her balls were equally as huge, and she nearly smashed you with her junk as she jumped. It landed with a heavy thud next to you. Based on the perspective of things, you were only about one inch tall. "Hop in hubby! We're gonna play some games!" Papi laughed. She stuck your upper half into the scrunched up foreskin at the tip and left the room before Cerea or Miia even finished arguing.
"Hey Suu, let's play with master!" Papi said to Suu. Suu was at full mass, and her body was a thick, cloudy white color. "Wait, where is husband?" Papi said aloud. She forgot where she put you. She spun around, trying to see if you were in her pockets. As she did so, the movement caused you to slide all the way under her foreskin. You were held tightly against the tip of Papi's massive dick. The air was musky and it was hard to breathe. Papi stuck a feather under her foreksin and idly played with herself while trying to remember where you were. Unfortunately for you she accidentally shoved her feather into her urethra, pushing you in with it. "Ooh, I haven't tried this yet... It feels pretty good. Suu, can you help me?" Papi said as she slid a whole feather in and out of her dick. Suu extended a single miniscule tentacle and began prodding at the entrance of foreskin. It was getting slightly more stretched out as Papi grew erect. Suu's tentacle slid in easily, working its way down. By now gravity had been forcing you down, and you were nearly half way down the dick. You hoped Suu would recognize something wrong when she felt you, but instead just continued pushing down until you dropped into a massive pool. "What is this stuff?" You asked yourself, it was as thick as hand soap, and it clung to you very easily. Then you remembered you were just in Papi's dick.
"This is... This is semen. I'm in Papi's balls." You spoke out lout. Outside of your world of jizz, Papi's dick was at full mast, long enough to slap against her entire face if she laid down and nearly as thick as her petite body. Suu pulled her tentacle out of Papi's dick just before she came. The level of bird jizz was rising, but the sudden lack of stimulation paused her ejaculation.
"Suu... Let me stick it in your mouth!" Papi demanded. She aimed her enormous dong at Suu's face, then rammed it forward. Rather than it going in her mouth, it just pushed through her face, deforming the shape of it to accompany the dick. She slid inch after inch down into Suu's liquid body, until she had her head pressed against the base of her dong. The massive phallus took up all the space in Suu's torso. In Papi's balls you felt the level rising, until there was no air left. You thought you would drown, until you and what felt like thousands of gallons of cum shot out of her urethra and into Suu. "Ah, that felt so good. Sorry Suu," Papi apologized, pulling her dick back out of Suu's face.
"It's ok Papi, it tasted good." Suu replied innocently as her face reformed. She was now almost completely white. It looked as if she as made of cum rather than her usual slime self, and you were trapped inside. Luckily for you there were air bubbles distributed throughout Suu, and she wasn't digesting any of you or Papi's cum. With all the extra mass, Suu was nearly 7 feet tall and her breasts were as big as her head. Suddenly your liquid prison began to rumble, and you noticed the thick, white portions of the slime began to move towards one area of Suu's body, pulling you along for the ride. Suu took the portion of her body that was densely taken over by Papi's cum and transformed it into... Her very own dick! She must've learned it from the other girls. When Suu's transformation was complete, she was in possession of a massive, creamy dong, nearly the size of Papi's. She was no longer 7 feet tall but instead took her usual voluptuous form, although her body still had a faint pale white color to it (aside from her dick, which looked far more creamy than the rest of her). As Suu got more used to her very bottom heavy figure, you sloshed around in her newly swaying balls. "Ah! There's husband!" Papi cheered as she pressed her face against Suu's nuts, similarly to a child playing a claw game. She stuffed her arm down Suu's flexible slime urethra and fished around in her recycled cocksnot, grabbing you upon contact. "Gotcha!" She said, pulling a slimy, feathery limb out of the slimy dick. "Uuwaah... Uh!" Suu moaned. She then suddenly unloaded a heavy dose of Papi's reused bird spunk all over the small harpy. "Husband! Are you okay?"
"Uh y-yeah i guess... Let's go ask if anyone knows how to fix it." You said from Papi's feathery grasp. Papi carried you back to your room to ask Miia and Cerea for help while Suu traveled behind, oozing jizz out of her swinging slimedick. As you entered the room, you saw some things you never thought you'd see. The first thing was Cerea's massive, sweaty asshole clenching and unclenching at about eye-level to where you were being held, now dangerously close to you due to Papi's carelessness. The second, more noticeable thing you saw was Miia's face being covered by Cerea's massive horse nuts. They were each bigger than her head, and looked bloated, the skin taut. Although you had experienced firsthand Miia, Papi and Suu pleasuring themselves, you were sure Cerea was either too snobby to jerk herself off, or was physically incapable of pleasing herself. The half-horse and half-snake girls were still yelling at each other despite what situation they were in. "It's all your fault that Master is missing! Take this! And this!" Upon further inspection, Cerea was doing more than just teabagging Miia's poor little face. Her massive horsecock, even longer than Papi's and easily as thick, quickly slid in and out of Miia's mouth. Luckily Miia was a snake, so she was able to survive the brutal facefucking she was receiving by unhinging her jaw. As the biggest pecker in the house slid in and out of Miia's beaten face, it was swiftly followed by full, sweaty horseballs smacking and smushing her face. Cerea hilted her massive sword against the little lamia's lips, her balls came down heavily with a wet thud, threatening to smother the life out of her even more than the thick cock in her throat did while she held herself in that position. You couldn't tell how long Cerea's cock truly was, but you knew it could easily destroy a skyscraper built to your current proportion. "MMMPH! GLLMPHG! HM HMPHGLM!" Miia gurgled in an attempt to beg for mercy. Even if she didn't have a huge schlong running through her body, you wouldn't have been able to hear her clearly with the overflowing horse nuts muffling her screams. "Oh yes! That was nice! Keep moaning, it felt *SO* *FUCKING* *GOOD*" Cerea cried, emphasizing her last 3 words with long, drawn out thrusts. Cerea had pulled her cock out far enough to clearly see Miia's face, who was taking it like a champ. Tears, saliva, and precum ran down her face, along with her lipstick smudged and smeared violently around her mouth and all over the base and length of Cerea's dong. It was evident that the two had been at it for quite some time.
Papi, who had forgotten that Cerea and Miia were in the middle of giving and recieving some "love" from each other, ran towards Cerea with her arms out and eyes closed crying, "Cereaaaaa! We need heeel-*MPF*" She ran right into Cerea's puffy "donut" arms first, then face. "H-HEY!? W-WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN MY ASS!?" Cerea exclaimed. The extra stimulation made her twitch and quake deep in the lamia's innards, before erupting a massive torrent of thick, creamy horse nut butter. Cerea tried pulling her tree trunk member of of the snake girl's beaten jaw, her balls reluctantly separating from her face with a slow, sticky squelch. In an attempt to free at least one of her sexual captives, she backed into a wall and slurped the remainder of Papi's flailing body into her puffy asshole. When her thick flare popped out of Miia's maw it continued dumping it's load down onto her face and torso, giving her a slimy coating of horse cream nearly as thick as yogurt. When the load began to settle it looked like Miia partook in a bukkake with hundreds of men, when in reality she simply received a beating from some fat horsenuts.
Meanwhile, inside Cerea's ass, Papi was becoming aroused and soon found herself at full mast. While squirming in a desperate attempt to escape, Papi blew a massive load all over her own face and down Cerea's fleshy pipes. "Ah! P-Papi!? Get out of there!" Cerea cried. She tried pushing her out, but it was no use. If she couldn't figure out a plan her friend (and master, little did she know) would be doomed to a long trip through her system and an inevitable shitty fate. Suu peaked around the corner where she was masturbating to Cerea's moans; jizz all over her face and the floor. "Suu! You have to help me! Get Papi out before it's too late!" Cerea said as she backed her looming rear closer and closer to Suu. "Ok..." Suu said, reaching up and pressing her little face up against the sticky asshole. "A-and make sure you pull her out, ok? And don't you dare get stuck in there too!" Cerea said, face glowing red. Suu began working her way into Cerea's ass, who found the progress too slow. "Hurry *UP*" Cerea yelled as she slammed her ass down and around her little slime friend. Suu's whole body except for her feet slipped deep into her ass, deep enough for Papi to be within reach. The stimulation felt so good Cerea thought she might cum.
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