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Egil fights to prove he is a man.
His bag was packed, slung over the side rail of his bed. This time he would not be left behind. He would not be the butt of any more of Jedrick's jokes. His mother was going throw a fit when she found out, but he knew a few a promises and a hug would smooth down her temper.

His father let Elladine, his sister, travel all over the galaxy on her breaks. But all Egil got to do was go to the academy and come home. He wanted to have some fun and see the galaxy before he was stuck on the asteroid forever.

Egil woke up with a start, something was wrong. The dormitory was too quiet. He jumped out of bed and ran out of his room grabbing his bag. He knew he had set his alarm to give him plenty of time to get to the ship. Someone had snuck into his room and turned off his alarm. Jedrick, he was sure of it.

As Egil ran out of the dormitory, he saw the class ships lifting up into the sky. He was too late. As the last ship rose, he saw Jedrick wave at him from the pilots seat, a huge smile on is face.

Egil scowled at him. He would get him someday, even if it was not until he became Emperor.
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