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The Trickster/Jascob introduces himself.
Good Evening, my name is Jacob, or should I say it use to be Jacob. Now they call me the Trickster. Can you imagine that? I surly haven’t accepted it as of yet. I have been told I am rather handsome and have been this way since my puberty. I do enjoy the finer things in life. I rather enjoy buying the very best fabric and having my clothes made to fit my fine six- foot, three- inch frame. I use the very best tailor in the town below us. I am the only son of my parents Mr. and Mrs. Mahan. But, alas I am not the only child. My mother had a daughter a while back. My mother should be ashamed of herself for having another child at her age. She disgusts me.

Anyway, I am sixteen years older than she is, she being Nicole, so I know eventually she will be under my care. Any time parents, especially those of wealth like we are, die, the elder son is given the business, property and any children, siblings to care for. It is nice to know my parents are getting up in years now.

I have so many things in store for little Nicole when she grows up.
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