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Rated: E · Novella · Children's · #2061186
Jacob frightens little boys who have come ot play with him.
Antagonist Background Story

Jacob was a lonely and very spoiled child. He had everything and anything he wanted because he lived with his parents who were very wealthy, as were their parents and so on.
Jacob would invite a young boy to his house to play and then proceed to take him into the forest behind the mansion and leave him there. If the boy made it out Jacob was as friendly as he could be, but if the boy did not make it out and he had to go back and find him, Jacob would harass him until the young man went home, usually in tears.
After a while, no one would come to visit Jacob. Jacob grew into a very handsome young man by the time his sister Nicole was born. When he realized how much attention she was getting he became meaner than he had been. One time he placed a deadly snake in her crib. Fortunately, the baby was asleep and wasn’t moving. It was his father who came in to check on her and found the snake. He quickly used a baby blanket and threw it over the snake, took it outside and killed it. Jacobs’ parents had suspicion he had done this ugly deed, but couldn’t prove it and of course Jacob would never tell them.
After that, they never took their eyes off of the baby when Jacob was home.
One day Jacob came home and was acting very strange. His mom and dad thought he was probably mad his dad had bought a new carriage and didn’t buy him one. But, they had learned to ignore him. Two weeks later, they were dead.
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