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A story of my torture

One day i was camping with some of my friends and we all decided to work in a haunted house, it was me with three girls norah, gabby, and alex. I was supposed to be tied up to a chair with zome ducktape over my mouth, when they finished tieing me alex, a cute girl with curly brown hair, said "ive been really gassy all day do you guys mind if i let some out" the other two girls replied with "nope, you can let it rip if you have too" then a sadistic smile came across her face as she put her hands down her pants and cupped her hand around her hole, she let out a SBD and all i could here was a low "psssssssssst." She then took her hand out and cupped it around my nose, i was trying not to breath because i hadnt had a fetish for this kinda thing yet, i was being forced to smell this girls nasty fart because she was hitting my stomach and i had ductape over my mouth. Norah and gabby saw this and, instead of helping me, decided to say "that broccoli from earlier is starting to get to me" and they both came over and shoved there hands down their pants, covering them in farts and ass smell and decided to, as they called it "cup a fart" me. So for the next hour they tortured me and all i could smell was bean and broccoli farts. I was in hell, then i heard a rumble come from norah, a chubby but beautiful girl with an ass that looks great in yoga pants, and she quickly put her hand down her pants and let out a loud tuba like mud flapper "PRRRRRRRRRBRRRRRBBBLOOOORP, she pulled out her hand and took a sniff for herself and said " oh my god, i hope your still awake after this one" she then quickly cupped it to my nose while the other girls punched my stomach to try and get me to smell it, i honestly believe that that fart would be able to kill flowers, it was awful. After that they let a few more farts on me and untied me from the chair, but they were not done, they layed me on the ground, not so i was looking up, but instead to the wall, and they sat on my ear and let out some nasty rippers. Norah was sitting on my ear letting out a beany fart that sounded like a duck quaking and hcurrently with her cupped hand, containing a nasty sbd that reeked of broccoli, on my nose when alex pulled her leggings down and sat right in front of my face, norah moved her hand so my nose was practically in alex's crack and i was instantly hit with a foul scent of rotting beans and cabbage when she let out a loud trumpet sounding fart that went up into my nostrils. Alex moved and let gabby, a skinny girl with black and curly hair, pull her pants down and sit on my nose, and this time i was hit with a smell of pure eggs and broccoli, norah was still on my ear Ietting out some tuba farts that reeked when i hear a slight "psssssssssssss" gabby let one out, right on my nose, it smelled awful, then it was norahs turn, she kept her pants on when she shoved my nose up her crack, alex decided to sit on my ear and let some noxious rippers on it, the smell of norahs crack was the worst of all, pure sweat and shit, she let out a nasty mud flapper and accidently let a little shit out, it seeped through the pants and got on my nose, she ran to the bathroom, not before letting a sbd into my nostrils, gabby grabbed my head and forced it into her ass and she ripped a nasty one then she ran into the bathroom, and finally alex grabbed a cup and forced it around her anus and she let a noxious sbd that sprayed some shit around the sides of the cup, she then taped it onto my nose and left. it was only me now, alone, all tied up smelling some girls noxious butt bombs, norah came back and untied me, but before that she took the cup off my nose and let a long, hot, noxious, rancid sbd right into my nose.
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