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I get tortured by two giantesses and they gas me with there broccolli farts
I woke up one morning and everthing seemed normal, i was living life like i usually do, but that all changed, i started to shrink, i dont know how, but i did. I was on a chair when i shrunk and it was hard to get off the chair now because it was so much bigger than me. I heard footsteps, it was norah (a chubby but beautiful girl with one of the nicest asses ive ever seen) and she was joined by her friend alex ( a cute girl with long brown curly hair and a decent ass). I saw norah's ass begin to lower towards me, i thought "this is it, im done for" when all of the sudden i was hit with a nasty stench, something ive smelt before "this is her asscrack, i remember from when they tortured me before." One one part i was happy, i wasnt crushed by her wonderful ass cheek, but in the other hand, i had to deal with this awful stench, and if you wouldve smelt it, you wouldve rather been crushed. I hear a rumble and then i hear norah say "oh god that cheesy broccoli is coming to say hi" followed by loud laughter, then it happened, a low squaking fart, they were right, it was broccoli, and i felt like i was being steamed from the hot fart and rotting broccoli smell, i screamed as loud as i could, this resulted in norah getting up and putting her face above the stinky cushion and her saying "woah that one is really rancid, it could even gag a maggot im sure" her and alex both laughed super hard. Finally norah looked down and saw me and said "JACK!! Is that you, why are you so small" i looked up and tried talking but they coudnt here me, alex came over and they started whispering to eachother, and then a look of pure evil came over there faces, alex grabbed me and put me right up against her hole and let out a nasty cheese fart and then pulled me out and up to her face and she sniffed and said "HAHAHA HOW ARE YOU STILL EVEN ALIVE AFTER THAT HAHA" she then handed me to norah and i noticed that she had an empty water bottle in her hand, i wondered what they were up to. Norah put me in the water bottle and then pulled her pants down and put the top of the water bottle up to her anus, next thing i heard was a low "pssssssssssssssssss" followed by a rank attrocius smell and hot air, it completely reeked in the bottle. I heard norah say to alex "hes being completley steamed by my ass HAHAHA" they both laughed and norah handed the bottle over. Alex quickly shovved the bottle up to her anus and let put another rancid broccoli fart "i bet all his oxygen has been replaced by our broccoli farts hahaha" they took turns farting into his toxic prison and with the acasional sniff they realized the torture theyve been putting him through and they loved it. Then it happened, norah took the bottle and let a gigantic mudflapper that absolutely reeked into the bottle, it was so hot, he couldnt take it anymore. Then alex let a little squeker into the bottle and put the lid on and said "i think we made him suffer enough for one day, lets let him wallow in our stench for the night and we'll play with him again in the morning ok" "sounds good said norah, how about we go eat somemore broccoli so we are ready for him tommarow"said norah "great idead norah" alex said. The night i left restless in my disgusting prison and the morning finally came, i saw norah come into view, she came over and opened my bottle and took a sniff "HOLY SHIT, THAT SMELLS SO BAD OHMYGOD" she took me out of my prison, and what she did next was awful, and cruel, this isnt something i would wish upon anyone, she put me in the back of her panties. It reeked and smelled much worse than the bottle, like someone shat in a bucket of rotting eggs that was sprayed by a skunk 10 times with rotting broccoli and it was left out in the heat for a month. The first thing she did was rip a loud, noxious broccoli steamer fart that forced its way up his nostrils and down his throat, norah finally said "man, i sure am hungry, how about some cheesy eggs for breakfast with a side of beans on toast and most importantly broccoli" i gulped in fear but also swallowed some tainted fart air in doing so, i was truly in hell, ive never experienced something so awful in my life. While norah was cooking she let out some sbd and machine gun farts before she finally finished and sat down, this pushed her anus closer to your poor face. She breaks the silence with a long sbd and ripper fart, it all got trapped in her panties so you were forced to breath in pure sulfur and broccoli gas. norah finished breakfast and heard a nock on the door, it was alex. She walked in and said "where is he" "im steaming him right now" said norah fallowed by a hot sbd "give me a try" alex said. Norah handed me over and alex instantly shoved me in her pants and let out a big bullfrog fart, it reeked of cabbage and broccoli, alex pulled me out and gave me to norah and said "i have an idea, lets tape his face onto your butthole hehehe" norah let out an evil laugh and got some tape. Next thing i knew i was taped in her crack with my face right next to her butthole, it smelled awful, i could only breath in her fumes and several broccoli farts, finally she said "this is your new home for a while, enjoy it or else" followed by a hot steamy broccoli sbd that i had to take head on it got trapped in her panties so i had to breath it all in, it was awful, but this was my new life.
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