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Creating Wheat bread isn't easy. At least it isn't for Magina.

What a Mess

     Sali was shocked when she walked into Food Preparation. Her twelve-year-old daughter, Magina, was trying to make some wheat bread. But what she was really doing was making a mess.

     “Are you sure you don’t want me to help you with your learning assignment,” said Sali? “It sure does look like you do.”

     “No, I don’t need your help,” said Magina. “I have everything under control.”

     Magina almost slipped on some oil on the when took the wheat bread to the Heater for cooking. She managed to save herself. But not the bread. It went flying. Luckily for it went straight up – and back down. She caught it with no trouble at all.

     “Are you real sure you don’t need my help?” Sali was trying not to laugh. But it was very hard to do.”

     “I have to do this on my own,” said Magina. “You know how Heale is about parents helping their kids. How she knows if you help me I don’t know. But she does. And I can’t afford any more Unsatisafactory Marks against me.”

     “No, you can’t.” Sali didn’t say another word – to Magina. But to herself as she returned to the Living Area. “I still have a lot of dust removal to do. I’ve finished the Living Area. But I still have dust removal from the three Sleeping Quarters and Personal Care to do.”

     Just before she left the Living Area Sali heard a crash. She ran back into Food Preparation. Magina had slipped in some oil on the floor again. But this time she did fall. Sali tried not to laugh. But she couldn’t help herself this time.

     “Stop laughing at me,” said Magina. “And HELP me.”

The End?

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