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by Aabha
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A message to the fellows from of our world. Be aware!
Motion, this word rings a lot of bells. Moving objects, loose motions, locomotion, moving hearts. Every day I wake up in chaos. Chaos inside and outside of me. Searching for peace that's lost. My soul left behind static and my body moving, mind moving faster, accelerating at a super sonic speed. I take a moment to stop, a moment to breathe and look at the world around. What do I see? Everybody trying to get to a destination. Some to office, some to school, some to cinemas and others to a coffee shop. Everybody trying to get to their destination. Some physically and some in their head. Searching for a better place, getting that dream job, searching for the meaning of life, everybody - trying to get some where. I think... why? Why is everyone trying to get somewhere? What are they trying to find?
When all they are trying to find, lies within them. Stillness in chaos, peace in war, sensation when you go numb, empathy and apathy... its all within you. Now be still, don't think... just feel.. remember the scent of a rose? Feel the feeling of smelling a rose. Can you smell it? Yes. It is all indeed inside you. Every answer, every solution. The meaning in the void. You can manifest your greatest desires just by being aware in every moment of the choices you make. Want to be a hair dresser? Get a pair of scissors and a maniquine and just practise. Practise and practise more. Keep going at it, till you think you have achieved your desired result. This is called putting your ideas in 'motion'. Everything can be resolved with logic. Logic, perseverance and practise are three tools to a perfect manifestation. Dream.. dream big.. dream on.. the world is your play ground. You were born on this planet for a reason. And the reason is because you chose to be born here. If you make awareness a part of your living here, you can achieve all that you desire. Right here right now. Make this planet your home. Take care of it. Listen to the universe. It is conspiring with you to make it happen.
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