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Rated: E · Assignment · Children's · #2061469
Em has to meet the Trickster again.
Monday Oct. 12, 2015

Emily meets the Trickster again. He has kidnapped the Queen of faeries and they have asked her for her help.She has accepted the fact she can see and hear the faeries. They are an everyday part of her life. She immediately goes into the forest to look for her. Even though she has been in a very bad accident and has broken boness, she is true to her word. She has been on the outs with her mom and dad, but she has to go. This time the Trickster tricks her into falling into a lage hole where she cannot get out. It is her family who comes to her rescue. Emily has to explain to her family about the faeries, but before she does she has Lilith and Daphne go to Saph and have her make some of her special tea.

Bonus :

With emily looking for the Queen Faerie, Emily falls into a very deep hole the Trickster has made so he can catch her. With her injuries she is unable to climb out. Lilith and Daphne try their best to come up with ideas to get her out, but none of them work. they even bring some fo the warrior faeries to help, but they are just too little to pull her up. While she is there it starts to rain and turns cooler. Emily gets sick and begins to cough lot. When her family finds her they are extremely concerned for her health. Em ask them to have a drop of water before they begin to try and get her up. Then she begins to tell them about the faries.
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