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by Toad
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- Simple mathematical look at Love & Hate and how they breed/interact with Life/Death -

- - - Simple mathematical look at Love & Hate and how they breed/interact with Life/Death - - -

* * * note: use of phonetic replacement "werds" are intentional * * *

Secondary note: this is a werk in progress and it will take me a couple-three of days to complete so as long as this disclaimer tag is present, I'm still editing this werk so please be patient with me, I have quite a bit to add still. ;)

“Ignorance inversely creates Anger and Fear, the 3 then combine 2 form a closed system triangle known as Hate and from that, Hate then reflectively magnifies the negative energies of Ignorance, Anger, and Fear even more 2 perpetually fuel the Hate until critical mass (max entropy) is reached, then collapse of that closed system occurs (Big Crunch Theory) and Death happens. Rinse & Repeat. (Tri-versal Law of Hate – or – Triangle of Hate – or – Law of 322)” – Old Toad Proverb

“{>{>{>((Ignorance/X) x Anger x Fear = Y)<}<}<} (Binary Equation of Love/Hate)” – Old Toad Proverb

When X = 0; Y = Love
When X = 1; Y = Hate

Love reflects outwards to fuel the Love, forming Perpetual Motion of the thIrd kind, or Perpetual Motion of the HeArt kind. (aka: Open System Perpetual Motion)

Hate reflects inwards to fuel the Hate, forming Inversed Perpetual Motion of the tUrd kind, or Perpetual Motion of the AssHole kind. (aka: Closed System Perpetual Motion)

From that, it then can be postulated that:

Love SourCe’s from a happy Heart and is the SourCe of Life.
Hate SourCes from an angry Asshole and is the SourCe of Death.

First, Ignorance SourCes directly from Duality Perception and true Love SourCes directly from zEr0ality Reception, from that, the Equation of Love/Hate dictates that if a person were to simply stick their ignorance where it belongs, which is up their ass instead of up someone else’s ass, then their ignorance won’t be getting in their way and the easiest way to do that is to simply become a ZeRo-hEr0 and to do that, simply ditch the Duality Perception closed system programming of tHis Law of oNe w0rld and embrace the zEr0ality Reception open system programming of a Law of ZeRo WErld instead and how you do that is also simple, just become Every0ne’s best friend, then your ignorance won’t interfere with your decisions; otherwise, if you try to eliminate ignorance first, you will never succeed and that’s because ignorance will always get in the way. Thus, 2 rid this world of its ignorance, tHis w0rld of oNe has 2 first rid itself of its Duality Perception by simply embracing tHis w0rld of oNe with a ZeRo-hEr0-hUg instead, then ignorance won’t be getting in the way of ending the Hate, like it has been getting in the weigh 4 the longest.

So the only way 2 rid tHis w0rld of its Hate, is 2 first deal with the ignorance and the only way 2 deal with that first, is 2 rid yourself of the Duality Perception of this Law of oNe w0rld first, then ignorance will fall on its own, it will self-destruct, just like Hate will self-destruct once your Duality Perception closed system logic has been overwritten with zEr0ality open system logic instead.

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity [humanity is directly relative to intelligence factor – i.e. IQ]." - Albert Einstein

“Whatever you Read in Books and Listen 2 from Preachers, Teachers, or Gurus, 0nly creates Con-Fusion. It's living the confusion that creates kN0w-ledge; 0nly reading books and/or 0nly listening 2 others has never created kn0wledge, it 0nly creates sheeple.” – Old Toad Proverb (based on Matthew Henry quote)

"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people (sheeple) who don't do anything about it." - Albert Einstein

“God’s Children kNeeD 2 learn 2 take resp0nsibility 4 their own actions so that when they “gr0w-Up” they do n0t eVeR bec0me Parents believing that n0thing is eVeR their faUlt.” – Young Tadpole Proverb (aka: Peter Pan Philosophy – or - law of anti-nationalism/parentalism)

“Nationalism is n0thing more than Parentalism occupying the governing bodies of tHis w0rld, creating a governing body of-and-4-the-parents, which will always enslave ALL of the Children of tHis w0rld, irregardless their age or origins.” – Old Toad Proverb

“Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.” – Albert Einstein

“A patriot to the Parental Politics of government is a Traitor to the People of the World.” – Old Toad Proverb (aka: law of anti-nationalism/parentalism)

“Lessor minds 0nly quote others; otherwise, they 0nly speak st00pid.” – Old Toad Proverb

"When proving sUmthing right, the oDDs dictate y0u will, EvEn when y0u aren't." – Old Toad Proverb

“Start with bad math, end with bad math, irregardless the answer.” – Old Toad Proverb

"Bad math that multiplies, always divides at the same time." - Old Toad Proverb

“n0thing interferes with my learning [of the trUth] more than my formal [government led] ed-u-cat-i-on.” – Albert Einstein

“The greater the formal government led education, the greater the fool.” – Old Toad Proverb

"In a world controlled by law, there are two types of peeps, Lawyers and Bait; and in a world where Lawyers specialize, even the Lawyers are Bait. - Old Toad Proverb

"We were All onCe thrice connected to the All of the n0thing (zEr0) but now we are n0thing more than disconnected oNes just trying 2 remember what we 4got." - Old Toad Proverb (aka: Anamnesis - Plato)

Ribbit :)

Ps: Here is my first poem I wrote that I posted here on WdC 12 years ago. Maybe now it will make more sense?


What is man’s purpose in life
Is it only to work and take a wife
Or to be lazy like a sleeping cat
Or can life be much more than that

Always love thy neighbor is what is said
Yet they bash homosexuals on the head
With all the world’s turmoil and strife
Can this truly be the meaning of life

The meaning of life puzzles us to no ends
Is life such a quandary we’ll never make amends
To shake one’s head is such a pitiful excuse
When it only takes one to stop all the abuse

Life’s questions we could easily ignore
Let’s just rape and pillage to even the score
I sit and ponder over all my doubt
Should I stay and fight or just get out

Should I give up to run away and hide
Or take a stand and fight for God’s side
I have no choice but the latter bumpy path
For I once had doubt but finally did the math

Is mankind possibly worth all the heartache and tears
Or should I just leave them to their false hope and fears
Oh, how the twinkling thought of humanity being reborn
Provides me enough hope to fight and endure man's scorn

Life is infinitely full of doubts
With all its peculiar ins-and-outs
We ponder over the silly, stupid things
While missing out on what love brings

To search for the true meaning of life
Won’t be found in a gun or even a knife
It comes from within and pours out from the heart
To love everyone is to give mankind a fresh new start

The meaning of life thus does evade
Only those weak souls who are afraid
To question everything with all your might
Will give you the answer to life’s oldest plight

It’s said there is no rhyme or reason
Yet even life has a purpose, a season
To fill another’s heart with hope and joy
Is life’s greatest pleasure, its main ploy

If mankind finally wakes up and sees the light
Humanity will for all time be able to unite
To come together with only one purpose in mind
To end world hunger while leaving hatred behind

I wish I could do something to bring this about
To give humanity hope and end all the doubt
But there is nothing I can do in the middle of the road
But to sit here and cry through the eyes of a toad

- - - Toad - - -

“It’s been said that Prostitution is the oldest profession of all time but in order for there to be such a thing as a Prostitute, LAW must DECLARE them such FIRST, and FOREMOST, or they are n0thing more than ordinary everyday People. So the oldest profession is obviously the LAWYER, whom only interns for the Benches and Legislative bodies but doesn’t intern at Free Law Clinics; and from that, Lawyers are the truest Prostitutes of all Time but that’s because they who smelt it, dealt it. Thus, where it’s been said that the oldest profession is prostitution, that is referring specifically to the Lawyer and no one else, especially since the Lawyer has to suck Government’s cock to get that government’s official License to Practice Law, in order to ply their craft, and constant and consistent cock-sucking of the Bench and other governmental political bodies is also required at all times to keep the License! – Old Toad Proverb (aka: Law of Legal Prostitution via Selling Your Soul 2 The Devil Government Degree/License
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