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The Town of Peterborough didn’t roll out the welcome mat to strangers, striving to keep the sleepy town image intact. Discovering early plans for a new interstate highway crossing Iowa, land developers descend on the locals like a swarm of locust to make a profit when the road engineers came through to buy the needed right-of-way for the road project.

Investors pushed hard to close as many deals as they could. However, they were unable to convince Edward O'Reilly. Before investor, Luther Conner, could finish his pitch, Edward raised his shotgun level to the Luther's chest.

“Now take off your clothes and put them over there,” Edward instructed pointing to the couch. Luther, frozen in place, stammered “Now Mr. O’Reilly, there's no need for violence. I’ll let the corporate office know that your land is not for sale and no one will bother you again.”

“Darn straight no one will come around here, ‘cause you’re going to be the greeter at the eastern field guarding my corn crop.”
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