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Violet helps Bobby see the light

Bobby wandered in this graveyard for a while. Ever since the day of the accident, he has been stuck here and not sure where to go. He remembers being told by someone, that all children go to heaven when they die, he knows too well that is not true. Every time he sees someone visiting the cemetery, he runs up to them, waving his arms and asks, “Hi. Can you help me?” So far every time he has been ignored. Sitting on a log, feeling huge amounts of sadness, his eyes fill with water and tears roll down his cheeks.

Feeling hopeless about his situation, he hears the crunch of broken twigs and looks up to see a girl visiting one of the graves. A new purpose filled him with the strength to get up off his log, even though he has been ignored many times before, he must try again to get help. Wiping the tears off his cheeks with his sleeve, he gets up and walks toward the girl. When he gets to her, he says in a small voice, “Hello. Can you help me?”

Violet thought she was in the cemetery by herself and was startled by the sad voice. Looking around she didn’t see anything or anyone, mumbling to herself, “I hope that was the wind I heard.”

Bobby gets some more confidence and walks right up to Violet, tugs at her shirt, and says, “Lady. You are the first person to hear me in long, long time.”

Violet looks down to see what was on her arm and she exclaims, “Hi. It has been a while since I have seen a being like yourself. My name is Violet.”

Looking sad he asks, “Can you help me? I have been wandering around here for a long time and I feel lost. I have been looking for heaven and this is not it.”

Pushing some blond hair behind her ear, she replies, “I can try to help you and you are right, this is not heaven. What is your name? Do you remember what happened to you?”

“My name is Bobby. I was in a car with my parents. The car was driving like it always does, then it went all over the place. I blacked out and woke up here,” with a big sigh, he continues, “ I have been here ever since.”

“I am going to try to guide you to a better place. How does that sound, Bobby?”

With a smile on his face, Bobby replies, “I would like that.”

“First of all Bobby you are stuck here because you are scared to move on. Can you feel the fear?”

“Yes, I feel it all the time. I do not want to feel it.”

“If you feel your fear, then it will help you to move to another location in the spirit world. You are stuck in the physical realm and do not belong here.”

Bobby decides to give Violet’s advice a chance. He starts to feel the fear a little bit then he can’t even stand holding it back anymore and allows it to consume him. On the ground his spirit body is shaking and crying. He looks up at Violet and says, “OK, what is next?”

“I am going to call some of my brighter spirit friends to come and help you?”

Violet closes her eyes and calls them with her soul to come and help Bobby. When they arrive, Violet says, “Bobby, these are my friends and they will help you. Do you see them?”

Now there are tears of joy in Bobby’s eyes, “Yes. Thank you kind lady for helping me. I have been asking for help for a very long time and you are the first to see me. I will never forget you.”

“Your welcome Bobby. Something to remember about the spirit friends, is they will only stay with you if you want their help. If you decide at any time you do not want their help then they will go away. If you change your mind again and decide you want their help again, then they will come back. This is called The Law of Free Will. Do you understand, Bobby?”

“I think so. You mean that, if I want the spirit friends to help then they will stay and if I do not want the spirit friends help then they will leave. Right?”

“Yes. Bobby, you are a good student.”

With a big smile on Bobby’s face, he says, “I can see them. They want me to go with them. I have to go now. Violet, I will never forget you.”

As she says her last words to Bobby he fades from the physical realm with Violet saying, “Bye, Bobby.”
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