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Write a poem that includes the words: Phoebe, princess, pink, purple, and sparkles.
Write a poem that includes the words: Phoebe, princess, pink, purple, and sparkles.

Pheobe's graduation dance was soon and she didn't have a dress to wear.
At her Gramma’s house was a door in the attic.
DO NOT ENTER it read but phoebe was curious.
She knew Gramma would be furious.
But she Opened the forbidden door and went in.
To her surprise hanging on a rod was a beautiful silk purple dress full of sparkles.
Pheobe caught her breath and thought if I wore this dress
I would be the princess of the ball.
She tried it on and danced a pirouette as though floating in a bubble.
Then she heard a noise in the attic room and so nervous she bit her nail.
If Gramma is there I’m in trouble oh yes as she guessed the answer was.
"What are you doing my child this was meant to be a surprise."
"I’m so sorry Gramma, I was curious to know what was behind the door."
"Just give me a twirl my princess, the dress was once mine...
When I was our age I loved purple and sparkle.

So now my dear it is yours this year for the prom
My heart fills with joy when I see you in the dress
because I was wearing it when I met your Gramps.
How we danced that night and I had my first kiss, that's right
Now it's your turn go girl and find your prince."
Pheobe's cheeks went all pink and she hugged Gramma
At the ball was the boy next door and they danced in a bubble
Pheobe had her first kiss and walked on air as she told her Gramma next day
The wedding bells rang as the girl kissed her man and he turned out to be a dork.
So she ran down the isle and ran half a mile. Then sat on a seat in the park.
That was a near miss, she thought.
It was years before she met her real prince, he was rich and handsome.
He made her laugh and that was when they lived happy ever after.
Well almost. *Smirk*

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