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Some of my story lines for the fairy tales we already love.
Another beautiful Sig of Elsa from Frozen by best friend Angel.

Fairy tales are loved by all,
Even though some of them are quite tall!
Cinderella went to the Ball
which was better then a day at the Mall!
Hansel and Gretel got lost in the woods
but didn't get to meet Little Red Riding Hood!
Witches, evil stepmothers play a role,
Making beautiful Princesses miserable a goal.
The three Billy Goats Gruff
showed the troll they were tough.
Fairy tales are a myth
but they give us a lift.
The handsome Princess rescues the Princess
who seems to be forever in distress.
In fairy tales, you find love
and it is a gift from Heaven above!
The seven dwarfs loved Snow White
but her evil stepmother gave them a fright!
Fairy tales have been around for years
and we will always hold them dear!

Fairy Tales. I started a new group here called Fairy Tale Princesses. What would we change about fairy tales? I have been thinking about this and here is what I come up with.

Cinderella. She has been my favorite Princess but now Elsa of "Frozen" is. What if the mice ate the step mother and step sister's shoes? Maybe the fairy Godmother visited Cinderella a few times to let her know things would be okay. The Prince came to the door with the glass slipper but when he saw Cinderella, he knew it was her and she didn't need to try on the glass slipper. The step mother and step sisters worked in the castle as maids or servants after Cinderella was married to the prince. Maybe Cinderella wore a lilac or purple dress instead of blue. I love the new movie "Cinderella." She meets the prince in the woods but doesn't know who he is. She put on her mother's pink dress but her step mother destroyed it. The step mother broke the glass slipper. I couldn't be as nice and sweet as Cinderella and put up with my step family. They would be wearing eggs and I would have turned the mice loose in their rooms. Lucifer. I love cats but I would have given him to my fairy God mother after I met her if I was Cinderella. Cinderella was kind hearted and forgiving and she got a happy ending.

Elsa. Anna got a boyfriend and shouldn't Elsa have met someone special? She deserves a prince. Just think she could make snow happen at Christmas and keep it at 65 degrees all year round. Hans was an ice man and it could stay cold, frozen and snowy in his area. I love the reindeer. Elsa could have him for a pet. I liked Olaf but he was annoying. The song "Let It Go." I try to do this when ever I get upset. Just Let It Go. There is a part two coming out and I am anxious to see it. Hopefully, Elsa will find her prince.

Maleficent. Hopefully, she found a prince. The three fairies could have gone around granting wishes. You know, Maleficent isn't a villain. Her king boyfriend was. Wouldn't she have noticed that he was cutting off her magic wings?

Snow White. I hope she stayed friends with the seven dwarfs after marrying Prince Charming. Maybe she could have pushed her evil step mother down a well. Belle. I love "Beauty and the Beast" and I would keep it as is. I share her fondness for reading and books.

"Once Upon A Time." In this series, you have Snow White, The evil queen, Red Riding Hood, Elsa, Anna, Maleficent, Cruella, Ariel, Captain Hook, Rumplestiltskin {he is evil!}, Robin Hood, Belle and they all live in Storybook, Maine and they have changed the fairy tales around and the characters. This isn't always a series for children but I love it. The main character Emma went to Storybook and wasn't sure why. She found her child she gave up for adoption and her child was being raised by Regina, the evil queen. Emma finds out she is Snow White and Prince Charming's daughter and she was transported to the present through a magical tree! Regina erased everyone's memories and they were transported to the present. Their memories came back and fairy tale characters live in the present as well as go back into the past. If you love fairy tales, you will love this.

I wrote a journal about Cinderella and she is friends with Snow White, Belle, Aurora and I have written a fairy tale of my own. Since I started my new group, I hope to get more ideas. I love fairy tales and I have been thinking about them and I hope to write more about this later. In the mean time, I will read fairy tales and be a little girl again!

Beautiful Disney Princesses Image by best friend Angel.
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Another beautiful picture of Elsa by best friend Angel.
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