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Rated: E · Assignment · Young Adult · #2061791
second outline draft
Emily is stuck ina very deep hole the Trickster has made for her. He came and tole her he would be back and then should would pay for buring him before.

The Queen of Faeries has been kidnapped by the Trickster and hidden in a grave in the old cemetary, in a small box with a small breathing straw in a tiny hole that goes up to the top of the ground. She can't use her magic because he has trapped her and put a small vine around her hands and neck.

Emily family is looking for her and the trickster keeps leading them in the wrong direction.

Lilith and Daphne have gone for the warrior faeries to help fine Emily and stop the Trickster once and for all.

The Trickster know this and does his best to misdirect them also.

Emily family find her and have to face the Trickster.

This is where they learn about the faeries and the Trickster.


Emily decieves her family
Emimly and family make up
Em starts driving and has a job
Brad comes home for the summer
the Quess of Faeries is kidnapped
Lilith and Daphe asked Emily for help
Emily goes into the forest to search for the Queen
Emily falls into a very deep hole that has been dug by the Trickster
Emily's family embark on their own journey into the forest to find her
the Trickster misleads them and Lilith and Daphne
Emily's family finds her and has to face the Trickster
Emily's family learn about the faeries.
The Trickster is defeated

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