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Brad is emly's brother. He is older than she is by a year and a half.
Brad is Emily's brother who is in his Freashman year of College. He is a yer and a half older than Emily. When they were younger he would pick on her all the time. Now that he is older, they have become very close. emily misses him since he went away to college, but she is anxious for him to come home for the summer.

Brad plays football and got a scholarship for the University of Arkansas. He hasn't decided on a major as of yet.

Bonus: HI, my name is Brad, actually it's Bradley but I don't like anyone calling me that. I don't know why they named me after some long lost Uncle, but they did. I'm attending the University of Arkansas and I am a freshman. I received a scholarship because of my football abilities and it pays a lot of the bills here. I live in a dorm and I really like it a lot. I do miss my parents and my little sister Emily. well, I say she's little, she is a Senior in highschool now and will probably follow me to the University.

I haven't decided on any major as of yet, just trying to get some of the regular classes out of the way. I am looking forward to going home for the summer. I have missed the old mansion and my family of course. I remember when I was youonger, I loved to go into the forest and look at everything that was there. My sis, go lost in it once when she was real little, but she finally got over being afraid to go back into it.

Anyway, got to get back to classes and then I have practice, so catch you later.
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