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BAckground description of Brad in Writeode
Brad was the first one of two children in the Wheeler family. Sue, his mom came from wealthy parents and the only one living was her mother evelyn. Evelyn lived in the old Mansion on 500 or more acreas of land i Arkansas. Even as a small child Brad loved the forest and his parents had to keep an eye on him because he kept wandering towards to the back of the yard where the forest began. Occasionaly they would take him for walks on the paths in the forest.

Brad had a sister which was born year and half later and her nme was Emily. As Brad grew he greatest mission on earth ws to make sure to keep her miserable. He would pick on her constanly, make horrible noises and just be mean in general. All because he was a little jealous of her. Once they grew older and he wnet to high school, he became much nicner to her and his family actually. Brad learned his sister was really a very nice person and maybe just a little too dependant on her parent s and her grandmother in Arkansas.

When he found out he had to move with them to Arkansas because his grandmother was hurt and neede help, he was not a happy cmper at all. He was going to follow his football mates into high schoola and he knew hit would be a grand time. Now, by moving, he had to make new friends and strt all over. He was happy about living in the old Mansion because he loved it and he loved the forest. Since he was older, his parents and grandmothe rwould let him go by himself and wander around in the forest.

Once he moved in with the rest of his family he learned to even love the place more. I had many false panel and hidden doors which his siter was constantly looking for. the hardest time wa when his grandmother passed away. He loved her too. the family became very distraught and founght a lot. then his father decided to take them on a mini vcation to see if it would help everyone tempers and dispositions. But before they left, soemthing weid happen to them and they ended up locked in a Mauseloum . It was his siter who found them just in time. He still laughs today thinking about her widl comments taht faeries help her find them. He thinks she must have lost soemthing in her brain when she strted looking for htme in the forest. Afterall she was terrified of th4e forest and couldn't believe she went lone to find them. Oh well she did and they were all very happy.

As the years past, Emily became dependent on her family again. But he knew it had a lot to do with his family also and the fact that she was a girl. They over protected her in the beginning and they were beginning to do it again.

That's okay beause he was going to college and living in the dorm and would be away from it all. He would see hwo things turned out when he went home in the summer. He was excited about that as he really did missed them He saw them o holidays, but that was awhile off and he was packed and ready to go. They bought him a car and he was driving home. It woulodb e a very nice drive and he was looking forward to it.

The only difference is he would n't get to see his grandmother. Oh, she had been goe for a while, but he always love to see her when they went in the summer. He was looking

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