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A description of Emily going into the forest to look for the Faery Queen
Emily struck out on her own to the forest. After entering the forest she found herself walking on moist leaves that smelled of rotting compost. They had not lost their early morning dew because the sunlight had to struggle to pierce the tall old trees. Emily heard birds chirping and that gave her much comfort. As she passed the clearing she saw some pretty flowers and when she touch one, it closed up. This made her jump, then laugh. She continued down the familiar path she and Lilith had taken long ago, but she didn't remember the bushes had blue berries on them. She was terrified back them. Emily pick some berries and ate them with delight. They tasted so sweet. She wished she could stay and pick more but she had a mission and had to carry on. It was very important that she found the Queen for the faeries.
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