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by Freya
Rated: E · Assignment · Contest · #2061893
Setting description.
During the drive no one spoke a word. Once they arrived to the house with Freya, they lead her into the house. After crossing the threshold the smell of honeysuckles was a bit overpowering. There was a grand double staircase and a very exquisite crystal chandelier that hung perfectly in the middle. The voices from within the house was deafening to Freya, yet she saw no one. They lead her down the second hallway on the right. Then through a few different rooms and each one of them had a different scent. They ranged from citrus, flowers, and others were chemicals, they also ranged from subtle to overpowering. She was then lead to an elevator, this alone took away any chance of escape. After the elevator they placed her into a room filled with lit candles. Heavy drapery covered the windows, this was a plus because it protected her from the morning sun. She has no idea how long they plan to keep her. Up against one of the walls was a very soot covered fireplace and a fire was burning. This too added a scent to the air. The air had an unfamiliar scent that hung in the air much like death before a terrible event is going to happen. There was an antique table with dusty books that just laid there open and waiting for their owner to return. The sofa and high back chairs were also covered in soot and dust. The entire room had an unpleasant feeling to it and Freya is becoming uneasy by being held in her against her will.
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