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Elisa has the power to tell the future, but the one conception is she can't tell anyone...
Chapter One

I look down to three chocolate pancakes, I lick my lips I was so hungry, I needed something to eat.

I wake up to the smell of my morning breakfast, like the one in my dream, because I'm not normal, I have a gift, I was born with the ability to see the future in my dreams, and sometimes they are horrifying, like when my school bully, Mira, picks on me and tells my I'm small, it's not my fault I'm the youngest in the grade! She likes to hit me upside the head, spill my books all over the floor, just to make me look stupid, I hate her. I look up at my mom,
"Mother?" I ask.
"Yes hun?" She replies.
"I don't want to go to school, please don't make me go!" I cry to her.
"Why not?" She asks, as if she's distracted with something else.
"Mira." I mumble.
"You don't like her?" She questions me.
"You really don't remember her? The school bully? The girl who always hurts me?" I tell her.
"Hmm?" She asks dumbfounded.
"Forget it." I sigh.
I grab my backpack, and run out the door tears rolling down my cheeks.
I run to the bus stop not even bothering to say 'hello' to my best friend, Diamond, her smile fades as she sees my run by tears pouring down my cheeks, I sit on the bench and put my hands over my face and sob softly, not wanting to grab attention.
I hate Mira, hate her.
She makes my life miserable.
And she loves it...
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