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Rated: E · Assignment · Young Adult · #2062048
The setting: where the amma's traveled.
My eyes took a moment to adjust to the dim red light as I slipped through the stark white hallway into the ancient tunnels. As I stood there, I breathed in the scent of steam and mold. This was home. I heard Jedrick cough as he stepped up behind me. Okay, maybe it did stink but the antiseptic smell of the main palace could never feel like home to me. Running my hands along the rough worn wall, I preceded down the tunnel. Occasional a rock would slice my finger but the pain did not deter me. I loved the unevenness of this place. The ceiling height changed, the walls became narrower and then would suddenly open up wide. This was the closest thing to something natural the palace held. It was silent in the tunnels except for Jedrick's booted footsteps and his hoarse breathing in the thick air. As we passed intersections and exits, I could see the blue lines and symbols that glowed on the walls. There were created from inlays of another rock, only the ammas knew about. But symbols reminded me I was moving in the right direction. As we moved deeper into the asteroid, a metallic taste filled my mouth. The tunnels had once been created as mining shafts and some still held the promise of riches in the rocks. Of course, if you dug much deeper, the whole palace would probably collapse on its self. Still, it was there.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2062048-Amma-Tunnels