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This is the first chapter of the book I am writing. There is no cover yet.
Chapter 1


“Black ops 3 is not going to suck” I said.
I was walking home with my friend Ben.
“Yes it will,” he said. “Look at how advanced warfare did, and bo3 is taking on the same idea with the future”
“I don’t see why people hated advanced warfare, I thought it was a good game” I said “I’ll see you tomorrow”
I was alone for the rest of the quarter mile to my house. I had to run the rest of the way so I wouldn’t be late to play with my PlayStation friends. My parents weren’t home when I got there. Usually that would mean I would have to go to my grandmothers, but my ps4 was at my house and not hers.
I opened the front door then ran up the stairs and down the hall like a cheetah. I almost smashed my little toe on the wall again like I did a few months back. I can’t run as fast as used to be able to.
I turned the ps4 on. It seemed unusually hot. I put the GTA V disc in the slot and started online.
“I hate how long it takes to start up” I thought to myself.
My friends Alex and Jaiden were already waiting for me.
“Where have you been?” Alex asked.
“Sorry I had to walk friend who had crutches home” I told them. He didn’t have crutches I just said that so they wouldn’t be mad about how I played basketball at the school.
They came racing down the streets to my apartment. Alex was in a dark purple Zentorno and Jaiden in a T20 with our crew color.
“What have you guys been doing while I was gone?” I asked.
“We were killing little 8 year olds how were killing us,” Jaiden said. “You know how they are” I hated when an 8 year old was in the lobby because they always try killing everyone. It was even worse when they kept failing because they do high pitched squeals.
I pulled out of my garage with my black Zentorno.
“I see you’re still using your Zentorno” Alex said.
“Ya why,” I said. “I don’t see anything wrong with it. You have one to Alex”
"Yeah but I have a T20" he said.
“Why don’t you get the T20?” Jaiden asked.
“You think I can afford that!” I yelled. Just then my friend ghost messaged me. “Hold on” I said. ”I got a message”
I opened up the message and it said what he says all the time.
“Why are you never on ps3?”
I sent a message saying I’ll be on soon. As soon as it was sent, there was a bright light.
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