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This is a shorter chapter and it needs more details. It needs a lot of fixing I know...
Chapter 2


When the light suddenly got dimmer, I felt something on my head. It felt like there was something around my wrists and ankles. I heard some shuffling behind me and the muffled sound of familiar voices. Suddenly the thing on my head was lifted.

“You’re not my Grandfather” A stranger said.

“Who are you?” I asked. I turned around and saw three other people sitting tied up. Then I saw what I couldn’t see before. We were in a giant laboratory with machines that looked too advanced for our time.

“My name is none of your concern at the moment,” he said. “Tell me your name and I will let you and the rest free”

“My name is Nic” I told him. The muffled shouts suddenly stopped when I said that.

“That’s the same name my grandfather has” He said.

         “Are you going to let us go now,” I said. “Or do I have to call the cops?”
         “I own the cops” He said
         “Are you going to let us out” I said a little louder than before.

         “I need to find out where you are from first” He said. He pulled something small out of his pocket. He touched a small button and it grew in size. It was a briefcase…

         He opened it up and pulled out a device with two antenna with green electricity running between them and balls on top. Before I could ask what it was he pushed a button and 4 lines of green ran shot out of it.

         The 4 of us got hit with the line. “What was that f-f-o” I started to ask but I just fell to the ground.
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