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The world must raise the missile test issue & take Iran accountable
Iran Missile test: Assessment for next move

By: Pejman Amiri
Iran test firing a new surface-to-surface ballistic missile recently finally prompted the U.S. State Department to take a stance saying it would refer Tehranâs new measure to United Nations Security Council to weight if the launched actually violated a U.N. resolution. That is probably as far as the Obama administration will go, not willing to place their precious and âhistoricâ nuclear accord with Iran in any danger.
The White House also joined the chorus and dispatched Press Secretary Josh Earnest to responds to serious criticism raised by Republicans over US President Barack Obamaâs weak response, or lack thereof, to the ayatollahsâ saber-rattling. Earnest said despite the fact that the launch was most probably a UNSC resolution violation, it was actually separate and distinct from the July 14 nuclear pact signed with Iran in Vienna.
"We've seen that Iran over the last couple of years has demonstrated a track record of abiding by the commitments that they made in the context of the nuclear talks," he said.
Rest assured that Tehran is carefully analyzing such weak remarks and planning their next moves and violations, feeling comfortable from no serious action from Washington. As always, the Europeans will also follow suit since they only seek lucrative economic deals with Iran, and Russia and China could care less if Iran violated anything at all, as they too are seeking military and different political-economic pacts with Tehran.
To shed some light on the missile tested recently, the Emad (Pillar) SAS missile is designed and constructed by Iran domestically. Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan boasted this is the countryâs first long-range missile capable of being precision-guided all the way to its target. (Of course, experience shows these claims by Iran need to be accurately checked.)
What is interesting is that UNSC Resolution 1929 specifically stipulates Iran is banned from engaging in any and all ballistic missile activities. However, there is serious doubt that any party involved in the recent nuclear talks will raise this matter and seriously question Iran on this violation, once again sweeping everything under the carpet and providing Tehran even more playing room.
The more recent UNSC Resolution 2231 is aimed at enforcing the nuclear deal and ban Iran from carrying out any activities related to ballistic missiles designed to carry a nuclear payload, is not in effect yet. And even when it goes into effect, it is obvious that Iran will take advantage of this clause and claim this test launch â and most certainly others to come in the future - are not intended to carry nuclear warheads, and is therefore legit to test.
When the West, and most specifically the Obama administration, shows utter weakness in the face of these measures by Tehran, it is understandable that Iranian officials feel free to make remarks such as:
"To follow our defense programs, we don't ask permission from anyone," Dehghan said, according to Iranâs state-run IRNA news agency.
Pejman Amiri a Freelance writer on Iran & Middle East Pro-democracy & freedom for Iran

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