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Assignment for erotic writing
A Change of heart

(1000 words)

As I mounted the stairs leading to my room that night my body was still tingling from our kiss earlier. My chest and stomach were still tight and my breathing labored. How could a guy make me feel this way?

After reaching my room I walked in closing the door behind me. I then sat my purse on the desk and shook out of the jacket and placed it on the chair. When I looked in the mirror I just froze as I looked at my reflection. First from the front than from the side. As my hand ran along my still clothed stomach smoothing the fabric along the way.

I did the same thing with my hips and bottom. The skirt was not too tight yet it was snug enough yet it was tight enough to see its size and shape. Just standing there I began imagining marc’s hands moving to my waist, hips and rounding my back pulling me to his as our lips touched. After a very passionate kiss we pull back only slightly as we gaze into each others eyes losing both time and place.

Then he moved in again as his lips brushed against mine once again. Feeling the heat as I lose myself in the moment as he kisses me. Suddenly nothing else existed- only him and I as his hands now disappeared in my hair as he pulled me even closer.

Moments later a sound pulled me from this fantasy as I remembered where I was. But that didn’t mean I couldn’t go back to that vision any time I wanted in my dreams. Later that night as I changed into my pajama’s I again caught a glimpse of my reflection again. Why wouldn’t he be interested in me I asked as I looked at my naked body? I took care of myself and was athletic, which was something he seemed to look for in a chick. Now to see if he felt the same way I did. Was I could I be the one he wanted to be with or was it just a happy occurrence in my life that would never happen again. Whether it would continue and I was to be his girl, or not, I had a memory I would remember forever. Before long I slipped between the sheets and dreamed of things forbidden until marriage.


As I stepped from the car the next day, my eyes moved everywhere hoping to see Marc somewhere but relieved to be able to breathe when I didn’t. Turning every corner the butterflies in my stomach grew more active as my chest tightened.

“Hey!” The voice said behind me as I gasped turning to see who it was.

“Hey Sally, how are ya?” I said still scanning the area.

“Fine,” She said looked at me then following my eyes. “What are you looking at?”

“It’s more like who?” Another girl said coming up and stopping next to Sally. It was Julie who had just arrived at school by bus which was across campus.

“Ahhh yes I heard our hottest guy in the senior class had set his sights on a new girl.” Sally said looking from Julie back to me.

But I didn’t have time to answer because just then he appeared interrupting their conversation.

“Ladies.” His deep soul piecing voice said. He then looking at Julie and Sally before turning his attention to me. “Ann, you are looking beautiful this morning,” He said taking her hand and kissing it.

The two girls standing there just watched and sighed as he kissed her hand.

“Shall we?” He said as he released her hand. She then wrapped her arm round her books again.

“Of course, ladies catch ya later.” Ann said as she and Marc began to walk away.

As the two watched Ann and Marc walk away Julie moved closer to Sally. “I don’t trust him.”

“Really why?”

“Anyone that smooth has to have something up his sleeve…” She said as the two disappeared around a corner.
“Well what can we do-” Sally started before Julie continued.

“We can keep an eye out and watch him when they aren’t together, there’s just something unnerving about him, I just can’t put my finger on it yet.”

“You and your theories.” Sally said laughing. But even with that she looked from Julie to where the two disappeared and wondered.


“So how did you sleep?” Marc asked me as we walked through the halls on the way to class.

“Um, okay I guess. You?”

“Good, found myself dreaming of you though.”

“Is that a bad thing?” I asked looking at him.

He just shrugged. “No not really. But I really hadn’t done that after just meeting someone like we did. It usually takes a few dates.”

“Ahhh okay,” I said back not sure what to think next.

“I guess I should explain that, no one has ever captured my heart as you have.” He said not only trying to explain to me but most likely trying to understand it himself.

“Tell yea what, meet me at lunch and we will talk farther. Okay?”

“All right.” I said as we reached class and entering the room.

At lunch we met and went to a nearby deli since we could leave campus for lunch. It was also the best chance to sit and talk without being overheard by classmates.

During lunch he explained that before now he had never felt this way for a girl, and mainly dated a girl because of what she looked like and what she could do for his image really. But now he was having honest feelings for me. He also said he wanted a relationship that was deeper than just sex. He wanted a lifetime with me. If I wasn’t ready for a lifetime yet, he wanted to be with me for as long as I wanted to be with him. After thinking about it, I was okay with that.

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