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A dark piece that seemed to flow today, about a girl who couldn't anymore.
They found her crumpled on the floor,
Paper in her hand saying she couldn't anymore,
They wanted to save her,
But they'd desecrated her,
With hateful words like claws.

She spent tearful nights,
Preparing her flight,
But never knowing,
Her panic was growing,
There may be no heaven after all.

They told her heaven was good,
Full of those who stood
'Round with big smiles,
Inviting her to stay awhile,
That she'll be safe and warm.

She trudged the road years, twice she fell,
Realizing too quickly she's going to hell,
She'd combat old demons,
See all the dangerous heathens,
That ruined her smiles never real.

It didn't take long,
To confess to things she never did wrong,
In hopes of being free,
But it never would be,
For she had committed a horror most foul.

She'd taken a life,
With the blade of a knife,
Smiling as she did so,
Wondering if anyone'd know,
They'd driven her to this bloody demise.

And so they stared,
Pretending they cared,
For a girl driven insane,
By her own brain,
Saying they should have known.
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