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description of plot, characters and setting, plus bonus of extended brainstorming
The plot of this story is emily, the protagonist, must defeat the Trickester, the antagonist, for the second time. It shows her setting out on her journey, just like she did when she was very young, and going into the forest to search for the Queen of faeries. the faeries had come to her and asked for her help as the Trickster was back and had kidnapped the Queen and they couldn't find her anywhere.

Once again Lilith is with her and Dapahne comes with them this time. but the Trickster knew all along she would help them and dug a very large hole, deep in the ground, and disguised it with pine needles and different things in the forest. Emily walked into the trap and fell into the hole. she had been injured in a car accident in the beginning of the 22nd book and could not get herself out, so the faeries went for help to the warrior faeries. None of them could help get her out. In the meantime, Emily's brother Brad came home from college for the summer just when their parents found out that Emily was missing. Brad sets out with his parents to find her.

When emily set them free (in the first book) they wanted the real story of how she went though the forest because they knew she was terrified of it. When they got home Emily tried to explain about the faeries, but once again they thought she was making it all up.

They proceeded on a journey through the forest, only to find that there really were faeries.


In the meantime, Emily was frightened because the trickster came back and he was in his horrendous form. He told her she would be next, but he had to take care of the Queen first. the Trickster was fruious because the faeries had help Emily in the beginning.

412 words

It started to drizzel rain, then turned unusually cooler. Emily began coughing and became very ill. The faeries were upset they could not help her, but they did try to keep her warm by bringing leaves and pine needles and other large things to cover her up with.

Her parents were looking everywhere for her and when they found her in the hole, they too could not get her out. she had Lilith and
daphne go and get fome of Saph's tea for them to drink so they too could see the faeries and communacate.

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