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by brom21
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Experience · #2062264
A baffling car theft leads to a strange conclusion.
John was excited about visiting his sister in Las Vegas for several reasons. One such pleasure was having deep conversations with her about politics and financial news. Another enjoyment was driving down the strip at night and seeing the flickering, bright lights of the casinos and strolling into some to watch the shows. He recalled one night when they both saw the Blue man group for the first of many times.

This visit was especially delightful because he planned to show off his new 2015 Chevrolet Camaro. He had been saving up for a few years to buy the car outright and knew his sister would flip. The black finish along with its tinted windows and blue stripe along the middle of the hood would make her jealous.

Finally he arrived at her house in a rural home in the North part of town. He got out of his car and sprinted to the mahogany door with a long narrow window. He looked around at the few houses that were situated by a desert expansion of the city. The wind blew and the sun was hot overhead.

He knocked on the door and John’s sister Tracy came out.

“John! It’s wonderful to see you, come on in!”

John hesitated with a coy smile. “I wanted you to see something first.” He moved to the side so that Tracy could get a clear view of the new car. Her jaw dropped.

“Is that yours?”

“Yes indeed.”

She pulled back in disbelief and put her hand on her mouth. “How could you afford something like this? I know how much you make and you would go broke trying to get a car as fancy as this.”

John answered with a chuckle and kept his coy face. “I won it in a prize drawing.” He was silent for a few moments before speaking. “Just kidding, you would be surprised to know I have been saving up for it for a few years.”

“Well I’m happy that you’ve had the patience to save up for so long. Let me help you with your luggage,” she said as she stepped out.

Twenty minutes later, when John and Tracy had brought everything in, she made an early dinner of chicken and rice.

“One thing I miss is your cooking,” John said with a cheerful glance. He stopped eating and gave his sister his full attention before asking a question. “So what do you do with yourself when you are not working?”

“Oh just TV, exploring the desert and going on walks. My neighbors are recluses and I rarely see them. I also do some hobby writing.” Tracy looked down and fidgeted with her fingers. “There is one thing, but you would laugh.”

“I would never laugh at you. Please speak on,” john said as he folded his hands

“She took a breath and looked her brother in the eye. “Sometimes I look for…UFO’s in the desert at night.”

“Fascinating. Have you ever seen any?”

Tracy smiled by John’s way of taking the news. “Sometimes I do, I think.” Suddenly she stood up. “I think I turn up early. You don’t mind?”

“Not at all. I believe I will do the same. It was a long drive. So where do I sleep?”

“Down the hall, first door on your left. Goodnight.”

He went room and saw a comfortable looking bed and he collapsed onto it. “UFO’s huh? Anything is possible I guess. With that he fell asleep.

In the morning Tracy rushed into his room. “Your car it’s gone!”

“What!” He looked out the window. “Have you called the police?”

“Yes. They’ll be her soon.”

Twenty minutes later the police arrived. They did a full investigation but nothing was conclusive.

“There are no tire tracks so no one high jacked it. This is the most baffling case I’ve encountered. I’m afraid I will have to declare this an unsolved case as of right now,” said an officer.

Then another policeman walked up to John and very lowly addressed him. “I think I know what to your car but don’t tell anyone I revealed this. What I’m about to say will shock you.” He looked from side to side and leaned in on John and Tracy. “Your car has been abducted by aliens.”

“What! This is a sick joke sir!”

“Shhh! I know this is true because I have seen the exact same case. A few years ago an old man with and old corvette said he saw it being lifted up into the air by a beam of light into a craft.”

“I don’t believe it!”

“What other explanation is there? Think.”

John shook his head. “Why would aliens want automobiles? Do they go driving down streets or go racing?”

Tracy spoke up. “John, maybe we should listen to him.”

John turned around and grabbed his scalp then yelled. “Ah! This is madness! Maybe fairies enchanted my car and made it disappear into fairy land.”

Then two young boys came running up to the officer, John and Tracy. A hefty child spoke up first. “Did you see the UFO?”

All three looked at each other before John broke the silence. “You saw a UFO? Last night?”

“Yeah, in the dessert,” answered the other slenderer child. “It was coming from our neighborhood.”

“This is almost humorous. Aliens abducting cars, how ridiculous!” he then addressed Tracy. “I don’t doubt that there may be UFO’s but this is unheard of. It makes more sense that a helicopter took it away for some secret conspiracy of the government. This makes me so angry. It was my dream car and no it’s gone.” He looked down in somber defeat. “Well, that is that. There is no use speculating. What’s done is done.”

John had to take a bus back to his home town and sulked the whole way back. “Whoever stole my car must be having a field day. It will take another five years to buy a car like that one.”

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