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Part 2 of Elisa's Nightmare.
I sit in my seat, Lily, the girl I sit in a seat with, says, "Are you alright?"
I want to say, 'I'm fine, everything's fine.'
But I say, "No, Mira is running my life and I'm going to do something about it."
She gasps, "Are you going to stand up to her?"
"Yes..." I whisper.
I want to cry, I want to leave this school, and never come back, nothing ever goes right for me,
"Okay...Good luck!" Lily says.
"Thanks, bye." I say just right above a whisper.
She gets up off the bus, and i follow behind her, today will be...Unbelievable.


"Sissy!" Mira yells,
I look down, like I'm gonna cry.
"Look, Sissy's gonna cry!" Mira taunts.
She starts to draw a crowd over.
"Mira, Mira, Mira!" The bystanders chant.
Mira comes right up to me and slaps my books out of my hands,
"Loser." She says.
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