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Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2062309
A unicorn demi Goddess loves Thothor, both reincarnated from ancient times.
         Over the centuries, a part human, part unicorn female named Una never seemed to fit into society anywhere, no matter how hard she tried...Una has no idea how or who she originally came from, or who her parents were. This has also even further lead to her wondering how she can fit into what's called, society. She's far more than only what she thinks she is, but she also knows that so are all others who exist, all around her. She knows, that others are also special and are unique as well, and she has found herself, many say she's lost, but she's not and she also knows better than to believe everything that others say to her. She often wonders, beyond what only her adoptive parents have told her, in her being a race of multiple different nationalities, she believes that she's more than what they've chosen to tell her. She found herself and knows, what this other part of herself is. She's also genetically tied into the reptile, dragon and possibly others also. Una knows this, she feels this, it's an ultimate knowing, the kind that you know what's really true and right about anything that you may wonder about. This is also where her great intelligence, wisdom and naturally occurring knowing and knowledge comes from. Society has told her otherwise, that her IQ is only around 89%, the individual who gave her this ridiculous test, wasn't paying attention to her when she had completed each test, and also gave her the same score she has before she had retaken the test.

         One morning, Una decides to sit and observe her natural surrounding's, she has always been an observer, similar to what one would be called, a Watcher. The Watchers are good, unlike most people have read in certain books about them. They watch and observe, as well as love and nurture not only nature, but the children that they choose to love, raise and protect in the form of a parent. They have a secret love and admiration for humanity, as well as nature, humanity because they see the goodness and innocence in children, which also exists within and amongst nature. Innocence and what's good about any other, can be found, this is key knowledge about what truly is. There's something good, something that's true about each and every one of us. The jewels for example, that dragons surround themselves with within their lair or their cave that they live in, aren't really gems at all, they're a symbol of everything that's true, that's true and good about what truly is that exist's. An example is, one individual may be good at doing math, and the other, art. When the two individual's use their mind together, the mathematician can write up the mathematical formulas for the book, while the artist can help present the book in a fun and interesting way that can ultimately appeal to the reader's eye. Another example would be, the elder individual knows wisdom, while the pupil knows of fun. The elder hasn't had a fun day for centuries, while the pupil lacks the knowledge of having the wisdom the elder has. When the elder teacher or master put their minds together, they can show and teach one another how wonderful life can be, while learning about the other's view, about life, the other was missing out on. One last example, someone who knows about herbs and the beneficial use of them can help someone who is in need of introducing and using that specific herb to help heal them of perhaps, a vitamin deficiency or an illness the sick individual has been suffering from for a long time, normal use of medications were unable to cure them of.

         Una is now sitting and observing nature, she's sitting in a forested area wondering what new valuable treasure nature will reveal to her. She is also a naturalist, an individual who studies nature, without harming it in any way, or experimenting on any of what's, alive. From childhood, she read all kinds of natural sciences, ranging from entomology, biology and even chemistry, which should also be considered to be a natural science, since atoms form all of what is, all of what exist's. Without atoms, and forming bonds to make a molecule, we wouldn't have anything that we see, experience, we'd have nothing to enjoy. Even we are made of atoms and molecules, and this is also why our DNA is some important to have. Perhaps, our DNA is something that contains all different atoms, basically we're a walking, talking and functioning universe! How fascinating is that?! What we choose, to put into our universe, will depend on how we'll be, over all. If we drink water, the element of life, then we'll live longer, feel better and we'll also become less sick. It's a necessary element to bring into our body that we need to ultimately survive from, it cleanses more than the body, but also the soul. We've far more than just a body, we're a universe of what truly is. If you're an astronomer, would you like to view trash from looking into it, up into the night sky, or would you rather see it beautiful and clear? I'd much rather see it clear, and without clouds so I can truly see and observe the real beauty of the universe that's there. When a smoker smokes, that's the clouds, preventing us to truly see in the night sky, when we eat junk foods, that's a planet that get's destroyed, such as by an asteroid hitting it or the planet (which is a molecule found in our mind or body, the synapses are the molecules that function in the universe of our brain, all of the blood cells, antibodies, etc. are the atoms or the planets found in our body that exist everywhere) being destroyed. Over time, when we choose to continue doing our bad habits, no matter what it is, use of illegal drugs, drinking too much alcohol, drinking too much pop, eating too much junk food, we may be destroying what's good in our body. What's good, are the atoms that make us up! We weaken our self by putting what's not as good as we can be consuming for our body. This also affects our mind! I made a comment to the head president of a company that I was once hired to work for, since ginko biloba has been known to help improve a person's memory, what would this do to someone who has Alzheimer's disease? She just, kind of flaked off my question, because she didn't know the answer to it, which was alright. A month later, I seen that it not only helps improve the person who has the condition's memory, the catalog I read it from stated that over time, it will heal them of the condition over all.

         Una was thinking about all of these things, racing through her mind. "Sometimes my mind drives me so crazy! It's funny how people think I'm so crazy, but I'm really not, I'm just different. We're all different, so why does the way I am, make me crazy to other's in society then? This makes no sense to me! Everyone has different view, thought's opinions about everything, so why do they point their fingers and judge me this way when it's alright for them to be the way they are? Yes, I admit, I talk to myself, but at least I'm the one who listens, to myself!" Una chuckled to herself.

         While Una was continuing to think and observe the nature around her, she had a few, observers, that were near by, observing her. "I know you're there, and I can see you! Why don't you just come closer, let me see and talk to you if you're so curious about me!" Una exclaimed humorously. Not long after she made that statement, she heard twigs breaking, rustling leaves and branches in trees moving all around close by her. What appeared, were three squirrels, a gnome that looked like a miniature version of a very kind, wise and loving wizard and of all things, a faun that looked as though he was barely taller than she was, maybe even the same height as her.

         "Wow! What an audience I suddenly seem to have here! There's no need to hide from me, I can see all of you, whether you would have shown yourselves to me or not! How funny is that?!" Una said lovingly, to hopefully make them feel more comfortable about her knowing about them in the first place.

         The faun, slightly bowed before her and smiled, he kept his eyes and head down, perhaps he was shy? "My name is Everest. I have lived in this forest for many centuries. It's nice to meet you. Not many people know about us which is very sad. Only people who can stand having us around and stand seeing us deal with us. How did you ever know I was even here, let alone before I allowed you to see me in the first place? May I ask you what your name is?" Everest quietly said to her, now sitting in front of her, still having his head down not making eye contact with her.

         The three squirrels came over to her, they knew that she loved them and loved feeding them. She threw a few handfuls of wild acorns to them, she helped gather for them. "My name is Una. I not only love nature, but I love faun's, they're a different kind of person, as are we all in the first place. We should all be given a chance, to live upon this world, we should try to get along and learn from each other instead of just wasting our time bullying, mocking and making fun of each other. That's why I knew you were there, that's how I could see you. I don't see that way of being, I not only practice being kind and respectful toward other's, this is how I was raised to be. I choose to be different, and that's how I am different. Humanity want's peace, well they need to stop harassing, mocking and bullying each other, that right there would be a great start! Accept other's how they look, how they are!" Una said loud enough for not only Everest to hear, but for the other observer that she knew was close by.

         Suddenly, there was laughter, coming from behind the giant maple tree Una was sitting up against in front of Everest. "Well, well! A human that finally knows different! My name is Wizor, I am of course what people call a gnome. I am nothing more that a human that was born smaller, than an average human. I am very pleased to meet let alone know a human that knows the real valuable truths for once!" Wizor stated while bowing his head.

         Wizor chose to sit next to Everest, he didn't bother him the least bit, he too knew better than to make fun of someone who looked different from him self. "So, tell me, what do both of you take interest in? Are you both hungry? I have all kinds of fruit and berries I can offer you, as part of my new found friendship I would like to have with you. They're at my home, a little way's from here. It's in a small hut I made all out of nature. I chose to live away from society, to find one's who are like us, to form a friendship to help all of us out. I once had a dream about this, and society had robbed me of all that I had, so this is how I will survive and live from now on. Too many people secretly took advantage of me, and I could do nothing to stop them. I've always loved nature, and those who are different from other's, so this is how I'll spend the remaining day's of my life. Would you two like to come to my place and I'll feed both of you, you both seem to be hungry." Una said while starting to get up from her seat near the tree's trunk.

         "Yes, thank you. I am very hungry." Said Everest.

         "Please raise your head. And both of you don't need to bow before me. We are equal after all. I love both of you, as you are and the way you are. We're all equal, because we exist. We're all special and are unique in what we can do in our own way's. Abraham Lincoln said, "All men are created equal." That's what he meant, we're all important and we all matter just as the other. Religion, race, fortune, fame, what we've done that wrong or right, none of this matters, we are what matters." Una said loudly, with a few tears in her eyes, because not many people, know or understand this. A lot of those who rule in any way know truth's, that's one of them. That's what I love and admire about any one who rules, whether in the country I was born and raised in, or from else where.

         "Thank you Una. No one has ever treated me as kindly as you have. Thank you very much. Yes, I'll go to your home to have something to eat with you." Said Everest.

         Yes, I will go with you as well. Thanks for your kindness! I know a good soul, when I see one." Wizor said.

Continued later...
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