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Rated: E · Assignment · Young Adult · #2062376
Em's brief history spread over a timeline
I. Emily Wheeler - main character
a. Emily is 18 years old and wants to be on her own
b. emily wnats to get her drivers license
c. emily wants her own car and job

II Emily's parents are happy with her not driving
a. parents let Em take driving lessons
b. she passes her dirvers test
c. Parents loan their car to her

III a. she goes into town to look for a job
b. Em gets a part time job 3 days a week.
c. Em lies to her parents and tells her she is going to study with her friends

IV Brad comes home for the summer
a. he and em talk about their schools and summer plans
b. they talk about her driving the car
c. em tells him about her job and her deception
d. Brad says she needs to be an adutl and own up to her lies.

V Em tells her parents about her job and deception
a. Parents becaome very angry
b. take her keys away
c. Em goes to her room saying she will never come out.

VI Em comes down and apologizes to her parents
a. they all make up
b. they give her another key to one of their cars

VII Em backs out of the drive way to go to work
a. A car comes barrelling around the corner of the highway
b. the car T-bones her on the passenger side
c. He dad hears the crash and runs out to the front

VIII Em is trapped in the smashed car
a. the jaws of life cut em out of the car
b. the hospital takes exays
c. em has a fractured right arm and a fractured right leg
d. em has a hemotoma on he right hip
e. she has many bruises

IX Em has to be operated on for the hematoma
a. em has to be operated on her right are and leg
b. em is in the hospital for a week
c. em comes home

X Em comes home
a. mom, dad and Brad try to keep em happy
b. Lilith and Daphne try to keep em happy
c. Lilith and Daphne tell em the Trickster is back

XI Lilith and Daphne come back from visiting the faeries
a. Lilith tell em the Trickster has kidnapped the Queen of faeries, Elsa
b. Lilith says the faeries want em to help them find her.
c. em agrees

XII Em leaves the house and goes into the woods in search of Elsa.
a. the Trickster has dug a large deep hole to catch em in
b. em walks onto the hole that has been disguised with grass, pine needles and leaves
c. em hurts herself falling, but tries to climb out

XIII The Trickster comes back where em is
a. the Trickster laughs and says e will be back for her after he gets rid of Elsa
b. Lilith and Daphne try to help her get out
c. It begins to drizzle rain and turns much cooler

IVX Em gets sick and begins coughing
a. Lilith and Daphne try to keep em warm
b. the faeries go to the warrior faeries to help them with em
c. the warrior faeries try everything to get her out, but can't

VX Brad discovers Em is gone
a. Brad tells Sue and Wayne that em is gone
b. they all set out to the forest to find her


May 31 - Em gets her drivers license
June 1 - em gets a job in town
June 2 - Em lies to her parents as to where she goes during the week
June 3 - Brad comes home for the summer
June 4 - Brad tells Em she needs to fess up to her parents
June 5 - she tells her parents she has a job - parents are mad -parents take their car key back - emily is mad and stays in her room
June 6 - Emily apologizes to her parents and tells them she acted like a child - they make up and they give her one of the car keys back
June 7 - Em leaves for work - car runs into her passenger side at a high rate of speed
June 8 - Em has bad injuries and in the hospital for a week
June 9 - Em has surgeries
June 16 - Em gets to go home
June 17 - the faeries Lilith and daphe tell her the Trickster is back
June 18 - the faeries ask Em for help - the Trickster has kidnapped the Queen, Elsa
June 19 - Em quietly leaves the house and goes into the foreset to look for Elsa
June 20 - Em falls into a deep hole in the ground that had been disguised as part of the forest - the Trickster comes by and laughs and says he will be back after he disposes of Elsa
June 21 - It starts to drizzle rain and turns cooler - Em starts coughing and is wet and cold
June 22 - The faeries Lilith and Daphne try to keep her warm with things from the forest - they leave to get the warrior faeries to help them get her out
June 23 - Warrior faeries can't get her out either
June 24 - em parents and brother have been looking for her - they find her -
June 25 - Em sends Lilith and Daphne to get some tea from Saph to give to her parents and brother - they drink the tea and find they can see and talk to the faeries
June 26 - Em family and the faeries devise a way to get her out of the hole - the Trickster comes back and is angry
June 27 - The trickster attacks Em parents and brother - he faeries help them fight him

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