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A lsit of definitions that I should keep track of
When can faeries be seen - happy, sad, old or wealthy mansions
What do faeries do - help people - take care of plants - forest - animals - children
How does one see faeries - if they have the gift - if they are given a potion in tea
Where do faeries live - in the forest - close to the ground - in flower fields
Do faeries have certain names - each have their own indiviual names
Do faeries live all together or in colonies - each community has its' own faeries - they live in groups
Are faeries fun or mean - most faeries are fun loving - some faeries like to play unharmful pranks
Do faeries have magic - special faeries, like the Queen, do have special powers
Where do faeries come from - they come fro all over the world
How longs have faeries been around long - faeries have been here since the begining of time
What do faeries like to do - they love to sing and dance and party - they love to help- people
Do faeries speak the same language as we do - not really but when we can talk with them we only hear our language
How do faeries help people - they can warn them of things that will be happening
Do all faeries look alike - no, each faerie has its' own indivual look

Bonus : I have the list on computer in a data base.

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