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An introduction to the journey
Capturing ideas in words - whether on a printed page or a computer screen - is self-therapy, a spiritual journey and a way of organizing my jumbled mind. In writing, I find creative fulfillment, whether or not I share my work with a single other living soul.

You’ve heard the phrase diarrhea of the mouth, right? I have diarrhea of the hands. I type about 90 words a minute so I can type almost as fast as I think. I frequently type letters versus hand-writing them, even though my mom tells me this is impersonal. If I had the choice of reading more information and perspective from another human in a typed format on a computer screen or page as opposed to a hand-written letter or note, I would chose the former.
Not that more is better. Sometimes it is true that less is more. Like I say in my bio, words put together with intention and creativity can stir the soul.

I have a personal goal, but let me start with Grisby. Grisby is my alter-ego. At least on a piece of paper. Grisby is my min-pin. For those of you not familiar with canine breeds, a min-pin is a miniature pinscher. And he looks just like the photo I chose for my bio pic.
I love dogs and have had a few canine friends that have been especially dear to me. Miss P (a mini schnauzer) and Sadie (a black lap) were very special, but “The Griz” (how my family refers to Grisby) has a place in my heart that cannot be touched, even by the memories of these special friends.

Grisby’s personality is not the classic one for the min-pin breed. I know. I researched this before I adopted him from our county animal shelter. He loves to run. Typical? Yes. He much prefers human food to dog food. Also typical of any dog, right? Grisby would rather tear open a bag of garbage to get last night’s dinner scraps than eat the dry Beneful dogfood he is served. If you turn your back for 5 minutes, he will be on top of the dinner table before the plates have been cleared. I can’t help it though; I cannot punish him because I cannot blame him.

He is also stubborn. He may or may not come when you call him. He wants to. It’s just that there is always another alternative and Grisby knows it. And the alternative could be way more appealing to him.

He will also punish you if you tick him off (usually in the form of a little stinky present left right on the floor in plain sight; never hidden.) These behaviors are also typical for min-pins.

Where Grisby differs from his typical breed’s characteristics is in his energy level. Most min-pins are high energy. The Griz is fairly mellow... Unless there is something to chase… like a squirrel or a mouse. His breed was bred for this, after all.

But I know that Grisby's unusually quiet temperament masks a brain that never rests. Griz has been a part of my life for six years. I know him and he knows me in an uncannily weird way. He knows humans in an unusual way too – immediately picking up the good ones and the bad ones. He recognizes so many aspects of daily human life as if he were, in fact, human. Every pet owner would probably make this same claim, but I assure you, the Griz is entirely different. So instead of recalling them for you now, I’ll save these stories and instead recreate them.

And this, friends, is my goal. I want everyone to know The Griz the way I do. So, I’ve decided to bring him to life as a human. Only in a dog’s body. He will provide his own unique canine perspective and humor to the fairly typical activities and challenges of the everyday human life. And what will my book/blog/column (haven’t decided) be called? The World According to Grisby, of course. :)
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