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by Rabbit
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My search for true happiness!
I have always wondered what is it that makes people take that trip.?What is it that makes them hit the road and not look back till they attain contentment? Or rather, not look back at all?
I kept asking myself this for quite some time until it hit me; right there, sitting in my tiny cubicle on the nth floor of the n storey building, peering out of the window, desperate for some sort of amusement.
When I found no luck there, I looked around in my office. I could see people staring at their workstations; pretending to work, some were having intense discussions with their team mates and some, like me, were staring blankly into space and when they saw me looking at them, they were startled for a while and got back to pretend working (scowls).I don’t blame them though. It’s a tradition in our office; you have to show off your work. That’s a whole new topic and I will have to dedicate a separate blog for it, so, let’s get back to the point here. When I saw my colleagues, I realized that whether I want it or not, I was one of them already; leading a mundane life, not being me, hating each and every second of it but still holding on so that I could get a 40 something salary at the end of the month; the thought of which doesn’t make me happy anymore. The same ‘Dal Khichdi’ over the weekend or when I am too tired to cook, building full of people but no one to talk to. It’s not like I am the only one who has to go through such a phase in their lives; in fact, we are in majority. The one thing that we all lack in our lives is true happiness! Yes! there it was, the answer to an age old dilemma I was battling. In the attempts to make everyone around us happy and to form a good impression of ourselves in their minds, we most often miss out to address the most important person there is to us. US!
Each and every one of us has a different look out of happiness. For example, my mother loves gardening. She could go on and on about her plants and what she plans to do next, for hours. I can often see the sparkle in her eye while conversing about gardening. I just have to get her a sapling to see that smile on her face. Likewise, for some of us its working, shopping, singing and the list goes on.
I realized that traveling gave me the purest form of happiness and contentment. It is quite unmatched, the level of euphoria it gives. Just the thought of my next trip gives me an instant high which sometimes lasts for days! Fortunately, there are lots and lots of travel junkies around the world who share the same dream as mine-to travel the world!

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