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Society has rules for what a woman can and can't be or do.
Pressure surrounds,
To fit the perfect mold.
To be all that they want,
To all be tarnished gold.

Curl your hair,
Paint your lips,
Line your eyes,
Sway your hips.

Always tightly lace your shoes,
Shirts can never be button ups,
Jeans aren't ruined if they come ripped,
Never ever stuff your bra cups.

Smile, even if you don't like,
Wave to boys, cute or not,
Always flirt, never fight,
Never give athletics all you've got.

Don't weigh more than ninety pounds,
But make sure that you have curves,
You're beautiful the way you are,
But change everything about you.

They have expectations,
Things they want to see,
They think they own everything,
But they don't own me.
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