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Rated: 13+ · Draft · Fantasy · #2062854
short draft idea for an aspect of my over-arching story
Journey to Aevyth

She awoke to free fall. The initial shock took the air out of her lungs, but she did not scream. Her reaction was to remain still as the deafening air whooshed by her. Delicately she scanned the horizon as her heart raced. Nothing but sky and clouds. She could not make out any sort of surface below her. So, for now, she began to calm as she became accustomed to the free fall. She was fairly certain she was not dreaming, in the same sense any one person can usually determine whether they are awake or not. But if I am awake, where am I? she thought. The sky around her was a cool purple-orange, like a sun was setting somewhere.

After it had been several minutes of free fall, she had ventured a few twists and turns to right herself into a more “up” position. The air, though wild and loud, was starting to become white noise for the girl. She felt a drowsiness come over her and felt her eye lids close. Next thing she knew, she was back, lying awake on her bed. It was the morning of the 12th of October, and nothing particular was happening that day.

-her life is explained a bit. Her name is Aster and she is doing something young adultish. works at a coffee shop or something. She’s a huge book nerd and fan of mythic stuff. Recently, Aster found a beautiful Antique Book that she really wanted to buy but it wasn’t for sale. Somehow, when she had returned home, the book was in her apartment. scared, she checks the apartment to see if anyone broke in to leave it for her, but nothing has been disturbed. She gives the book another look, and finds that it’s locked. she thinks about busting it open but decides she should return it to the bookstore in the morning undamaged. that night, she has this free-falling not-dream, and wakes up-

Aster sat bolt upright. She felt completely awake, as if she hadn’t just woken up. She remembered having an incredibly vivd dream… but what was it? She couldn’t say. She paused and looked out of her bedroom window, which looked down at a busy, city street. A couple of moments passed as she attempted to figure out why she felt so awake and anxious, but nothing came to her. Aster swung her legs out of bed and scooted off to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

She walked into her little living room and plopped down on the couch which caused the odd book from the night before to go flying off of the other end of the sofa and land face down on the carpet. “What the crap?” Aster said, picking up the book and turning it over. A brief glance at the cover...

All of a sudden she remembered. She could feel the air brushing past her face. The cold clouds brushing around her. Then she was back. “What the…” she breathed quietly. It’s only fair to say that Aster had a lot going through her head as she sat there. Her gaze seemed to interrogate the dusty, leather-bound book, as if staring at it would bring back new memories of dreams and happenings. But the book did nothing. It sat there, waiting for Aster to make her next move. Finally, she took her eyes off of the cover and turned the book over in her hands. Here, she stopped again. The lock was gone. Last night, she now remembered, there had been a lock on this sucker. Now it was bringing back vivid dreams, and the lock was gone. To open the creepy dream book or to not open the creepy dream book. What if it’s cursed? It seems to be completely supernatural which is weird because, well I mean, is it really supernatural?… did I just imagine that? I don’t think so but, like, what if this is magic? It certainly looks old and magic, but so does everything else I collect. And for a solid hour she debated to herself, the book, and a very hungry and grumpy Fritz whether she was going crazy or not.

After a nervous lunch with the book sitting ominously on the other side of the table, she decided to throw it out. She got her things and went to pick up the book. Yet her hand stopped just short of it, and it hovered. Just open it real quick. You have to. she paused No! I can’t! It could very well curse me. I don’t know what it does ...But what if you never see it again? …Then I’ll never know... With this, she threw open the cover and turned away, expecting the book to explode. But no detonation came. She glanced sheepishly over her shoulder, but the page was empty. Slowly she turned to face the book. “You better not be some Voldemort shit.” and put her hand on the page. Still nothing happened. Aster went a step further and threw the first page over, but the second and third page were just as empty as the first. “Whaaaaat” Aster said in disbelief and flipped through page after page until she was riffling through the pages in search of anything. But every page was empty, and the book did nothing out of the ordinary. “Harrumph. Well Fritz, you can come out now. Turns out… I just must be going crazy or something.” Aster set the book down. Presently this had been the most eventful Friday she had had in weeks. Feeling a bit worn out, she fed Fritz, wrapped herself up with a different book and a couple of blankets to try and get her mind off of things. One, two, three hours passed and she still hadn’t really forgotten about the book, but she was drowsy and cozy with all her blankets and a sleeping Fritz, who had joined her. Maybe… maybe I’ll go to sleep and see if I have that dream again. Probably won’t. But hey, I gotta sleep at some point. And with that she dozed off.

Her eyes popped open to the sound of the roaring wind. Again she gasped at the sudden feeling of dropping through the sky. Fritz, the blankets, and her home were all gone in the blink of an eye. Now, once again, she found herself very vividly falling through a vast twilight-colored atmosphere. It took her just a couple seconds to regain her composure (as best as once can during free fall) and she glanced around. But, as she turned to look at the horizon, she caught the glimpse of an actual horizon. Her heart filled with terror as she looked down and realized that this time she was falling towards a deep blue ocean. F—! she thought as she became fully aware of the now deadly situation she was stuck in. F— F— F— I’m gonna die I’m gonna die I’m gonna die F—! F—! F—! She swung and twisted her body to look up, maybe there was something above her? Nothing but sky. She was truly falling to her death. Aster closed her eyes and hoped and prayed harder then she ever had that this was a dream. But then, the wind changed its tone and Aster heard a voice come to her.

“Fly.” it said.

She froze. Initially, she felt the need to question whether she had heard the voice or not. Yet on second thought, she felt like that wasn’t the priority right now, and she flipped over to what she felt was a flying position. She screamed “What now?!” into the airy void .


“Not helpful.” she thought, but time was of the essence so she got as straight as she could and tried to focus on flying. The wind continued to howl and the impending ocean was getting a bit to close for comfort. And despite her best efforts, she couldn’t really figure out how to propel herself forward.

“How??” She finally screamed, losing herself to the growing fear of imminent death.

“Will it so.”

“NOT F—ING HELPFUL.” She screamed as panic took over. Aster pressed her arms close together and took, to the best of her abilities, the shape of a bullet. She then let out a final scream of pure desperation as the sea closed in on her.

Then whoosh! The moment she screamed in full terror she felt the wind under her pick up ever so slightly. Next thing she knew she had pulled herself up and away from the sea and was propelling diagonally into the sky above. Mother of… I’m actually flying.
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