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Rated: 13+ · Draft · Action/Adventure · #2062858
this is an attempt to write out Mach combat. Please ignore the nonsensical names
THUM! Togofred landed on the battlefield, creating a tremendous shockwave. There was little time left, as Zarthos would soon have his hand on another infinity fragment. So, a brief fraction of a second after landing, Togofred dropped into Mach and extended his senses out across the battlefield. Enemies across three swaths of hills... the good forces retreating... Only one Demigod in the way. "Perfect." He thought, and aimed straight for the Demigod. A nanosecond had passed since touchdown, and now Togofred released his body like a rock in a supersonic slingshot; he tore through time and space straight at his target. His target, the Demigod, was Leather Face, a terrifying beast by any standards. But Togofred's aim was true, and he caught the monster off guard. Before Leather Face could drop to a Mach level suited for defense, Togofred's onslaught was over. Leather Face was buried in the ground, humiliated and slightly confused over what hit him so fast. For Togofred, engaging Leather Face further would take extra time he didn't have. The main goal was Zarthos. With this is mind, he flung himself across the landscape in search of his hellish counterpart. He bounded and rebounded off of the curves and cuts of the land like a stone across a pond, but his skips never ended. Until of course he thought he spotted his nemesis. Around a mountain down in a valley swarming with enemy soldiers was the telltale sign of red smoke that curled from the lips of a cave. "That must be him." Togofred thought, and he redirected his flight to a collision course with the front of the cave. "He'll be waiting for me, I'll drop into a higher Mach right before I make contact." He began a countdown

"5..." The clouds unraveled as he dropped through

"4..." Deafening wind grew quite as he pushed past terminal velocity

"3..." Vision blurred into a featureless tunnel

"2..!" Something caught his sight!

"Hello Brother." The voice interrupted a beat before the final second. Zarthos had planned on Togofred coming in from this angle. And the next thing Togofred knew, he had been hit with the force of a speed equivalent to his own; a force faster than the speed of light. CRASH! Togofred's limp body crushed into solid bedrock.

"HA HA HA Ha heh...hmmhmmhmm. Truly a valiant if not pathetic effort. Did you forget I have mastered a state of perpetual Mach balance? Sneaking up on me is..."

Togofred rocketed towards Zarthos, going 0 to 60E6 in something less than a second, yet Zarthos caught him by the arm and throat. "...literally impossible." A pause as the kin stared at each other, looking for some sort of reckoning in their endless struggle.

"You're too late, anyway. I found the fragment some time ago."

"Im...poss...ible" Togofred chooked out.

With this, A curled grin of razor teeth ripped across Zarthos's face. He whistled to a grunt soldier of his, of which many had floated up to see what the commotion was about. The soldier brought forth a rock with a sharp, glowing crystal embedded in it; an infinity fragment.

"See? This is mine now, little brother. You're losing this war, and it will ONLY get worse." Zarthos threw his head back and cackled. Dark fire burned Togofred's skin, but while Zarthos laughed, the green warrior began a sly grin through the pain.

"Yo...you're wr...wrong... I remembered you had mastered Mach balance." Suddenly the Mach balance changed in the air around the two warriors. Zarthos grew silent as Togofred's vibration
passed into Mach Θ.

"What you didn't know is that, while you were burying your head in your massive ego, I raided your stash. I may not be able to naturally exceed your speed, but I tore through those defenses like they were made of paper, and I stole your fragments."

Togofred was now moving at a speed that kept Zarthos still. Zarthos wouldn't be still forever though... In time Togofred's speed would tapper out and Zarthos's Mach would begin to catch up. For now, Togofred peeled himself from Zarthos's grasp, and he went and grabbed the infinity fragment from the grunt solider.

"But thank you for finding this for me." Togofred chuckled, returning to his nemisis's vision. "With this fragment, I'm one away from constructing the next infinity core, and then I'll be winning this war. You aren't in charge yet, brother."

Zarthos now grunted out a slow, garbeled response. "I... Will... End.... You."

"You know you can't."

"I...I don't... CARE. The... The rules don't apply... to... us... anymore. I will CRUSH you into the dirt."

"You're welcome to try, monster. I think you'll find the rules will follow us no matter how fast we get."

Then the low rumble of thunder began to creep between the two warriors. Beads of sweat began to crawl down Togofred's forehead, his fists clenched and his breath became sharp. He had confidence, yes, but Zarthos had something more. Zarthos had rage.

Crrrrrrack! The black-red monstrosity lurched forward, breaking the Mach balance in half, and then vanished. His speed had now ascended to a non-visible state, which Togofred had predicted. The green warrior threw his arms up and pushed his body to the limits, slowing time just enough to guard against the first attack.

The attack from above knocked his guard loose and the monster pursued, but Togofred slipped underneath Zarthos and let a flurry of fists fly. Doom! Doom doom! A catastrophic hit, yet it did not yield a flinch from the foe. Instead the foe spun with the force from the flurry and brought the energy back down with a spin kick. A direct hit, sending Togofred away at blistering speeds. With his Mach so high, Zarthos could stay with his prey with ease as it flew away from the spin-kick impact. Togofred was ping-ponged by his foe and crushed through the face of a mountain, with the foe waiting at the other side to grapple him.

Togofred let a tidal wave of power surge through his skin and Zarthos lost his grip. Then, over a very brief course of time, Togofred unleashed a state of Hyper Mach, which once again rendered Zarthos helpless. A series of viscous combos were blazed in emerald green across the sky, and the monster was thrown and crushed into the ground. Hellfire ruptured through the earth and huge fragments of the land were launched up into the air. With the two warriors moving so fast, the colossal projectiles became a static, 3 dimensional maze to fight through. Their battle transformed into a duel of ricochet combat, skimming across surface after surface, keeping there momentum, and crashing into each other.
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