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A short story a day challenge
I couldn't resist it, I couldn't resist smiling. Your feet spread wide apart, victory pose with one closed fist as high as it could reach and higher still it seemed. I cant recall ever seeing anyone happier than you looked right there in that moment. Microphone in hand you were more drunk than we both had expected. I expected little to none, so for me it was a total washover of a surprise. I didn't mind your attitude against alcohol and suspected it was having a better influence on me than I was aware of. Tonight, for some reason, you had decided to kick back and have a few beers, just like in the old days. I saw yet another side of you. I saw and adored, just like I adored the rest of them, even the ones that annoyed me. In total awe I watched you, feeling a ruthless redhot blush rising. "Hey" you breathed into the mic and I got instantly insanely horny "Are you blushing?" devious man I thought. Smiling back at you I simply shrugged my shoulders and shook my head 'I have no idea what you are talking about' posture wise I kept my calm, however there was no way I could counter the sudden rise of temperature and my heart was beating fast and faster still.
You had asked me what I wanted to do, no accepting my dodges. You know I hated asking for things. I always tried to the best of my abilities, not to wish for things. Especially the ones that was partly depending on other people. It made me incredibly awkward dreaming about doing something with a person, when realizing they might not feel the same enthusiasm about the scenario as I do. As I was a hopelessly hyperactive dreamer, this put me in a uncomfortable state of mind at least a good ten times per day. So you asked again, and again still until I finally gave in. "Ok, there is one thing. You should know what it is. I've been talking about it forever." "Say it" "You should know." "Say it" "I don't want to" "Just say it" "Ok" (incredibly long pause, blushing, pause, starting sentence, stopping, blushing, emmm ano etoo ano, looking down at feet shifting balance, pause, starting sentence, stopping) after a while of strangely filled silence, because whatever words that came out of me during that long moment was jibberish as close to silence as spoken words can come I finally stopped myself in this active nothingness of action. Determined pause this time, deep breath "Ok, I'm just gonna say it straight out. Karaoke." Tense 5 minute silence that wasn't actually tense and lasted for 5 seconds tops "Boom, like that. That's all I'm gonna say, I said it, I said what I feel like doing, I'm not gonna say anything else now for the rest of the evening. Please don't ask me again what I feel like doing, because the answer is gonna be the same. That or dancing, but I know you don't like dancing so I'm not even think about that. You know I always feel like dancing, its not a huge special craving I have right now, just a general crave you know. Ok, I'm gonna stop talking now, because its getting a little crazy here. Ok I'm done."
Another brief 10 hour pause that lasted for 10 seconds. "Ok" you said. "Ok what" I asked and glanced suspiciously at you from under my bangs. "Ok, lets go do some fucking karaoke" Jaw dropped, then came cascade of feelings of guilt, regret, fear and any number of other dumb unfounded negative feelings. "We don't have to if you don't want to, I mean, its just what I feel like, we don't have to do it, we can do something else if you.." "Lets do it" "Really?!" "Lets go"

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