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Brainstorming on various things about Emily and how she gets aroumd in the forest
Did emily's grandmother come to see her and warn her of the Trickster or do the faeries let her know he is back? Does her grandmother warn her of the chances she would be takeing and ask her not to go?

the hole the Trickster digs, is it on the pathway through the forest to the Lake? Is that why he digs it there?

When Emily decides to go into the forest to look for the Queen, Elsa, how does she manuvere in the forest with crutches and a cast on her arm and leg.

Since Emily is right handed, how does she help herself because her right arm and leg are in heavy cast. How does emily know where to look?
What role does the faeries have in helping Emily. Emily parents and borther go looking for her in the foreste, but where? Do they go back to the mausoleum, thinking she might go there?

When emily falls in the deep hole how does she attempt to get out of it? does she use her crutches and try to stick them into the dirt and climb out?
What else does she do? Has she injured herself when she falls in? What happens to her?

What does the faeries do when this happens. If they can't get her out, what do they do next? What is it the Warrior faeries do to try and get her out? When her parents find her how do they attempt to get her out and does the Trickster come and see them? What is his reaction? HOw long is emily in the hole? When it starts to drizzle rain and trun cooler what happens to Emily? Does she get sick? How long has she been in the hole? Is it dark or still have some daylight?

Do the parents and her brother see the faeries? When do they see them?


How many times does Emily try to get out of the hole? what injuries did she get when he fell through the p ine needles, etc. Did she twist her other ankle? Or hurt her wrist? Did it knock the breath out of her for a while? How long was she out?

What happens to her family when they go through the forest looking for her? What does the Trickster do to keep them confused as to where they are and where they are going?

Where is Elsa? Is she okay? Why hasn't she used her magic? Are other faeries looking for her and who will take her place if she doesn't live?
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