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The Emperor dies and tells his son who the heir should be.
His footsteps were loud in the empty corridor. With each step he shuttered and fought back tears. When he reached the door, he only knocked lightly before it was opened. A young nurse ushered him in.

The room was silent except for the gasping breath of his father, the first Emperor. Reaching his side, he picked up his father's cold, clammy hand and held it to his cheek. He did not know what to say but his father did.

"Not the boy," the Emperor whispered before coughing.

"What?" he said looking into his father's eyes for an explanation.

Finally, when the coughing stopped he whispered again. "The girl, Elladine, Emperoress."

The words made no sense to him. He watched his father close his eyes and he feared he would not get an explanation.

"You want Elladine to be my heir," he yelled in desperation at his father.

His father nodded as a coughing spell overcame him again. Then he breathed the words out, "Don't trust Amaritis."

"My wife, the one you made me marry," he yelled as anger surged through him.

A nurse came forward but the Emperor waved her off.

"My mistake. Learn..."

What else he tried to say, no one would know. Another coughing spell started and ended with a death gurgle. Setting his head on his father shoulder, he cried. He was now the Emperor and his father had left another mess for him to clean up.
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