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Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Dark · #2063174
Try Something New contest: Dark fantasy entry.
It was the night before All hallows

In the town of Summer's Thatch

The witching hour is upon us

The moon full in the pumpkin patch

North wind picks up, it's gale is hard

His bitter pleasure, the icy cold

But no matter how he blows, my friend

It's not he who's after your soul

So turn your attention back if you will

To the moon and the pumpkin patch

The moon light possess the fleshy melons

They Crack open, so to let the evil hatch

Gathering the bounty from the pumpkins,

Colorful dancing pixies, zipping to and fro

Picking out for themselves the most evils seeds

For in a man's heart they like to sow

So watch out for the garden fairies my friend

For most carry those dreadful seed

Constantly looking for the perfect heart

one for whom they can plant with ease

So guard your heart and keep your wit

Free your soul from all it's dread

For if in any of you they plant a seed

I'll shoot you in the head.

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