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Boy does inventory on candy.

         Andy couldn't believe the haul he'd made. Mom had to help him carry his treasure home. He had to guard it against the over enthusiastic younger kids. He was 7, so he was a little bit older than some of the younger kids out with their parents.

         His mom let him go as a dragon this year. As costumes went, it wasn't the worst. Better than what some parents made the real young kids dress up as.

         Bark. Bark. Bark. He smiled down at their dog Chip. Some terrier mix or other that believed himself a pit-bull. They had to watch him when he was around other dogs. Things could get tense. At least he was dressed as a pirate, that was cool. He wouldn't have to be embarrassed about walking a living daisy. Him and his dog could both have their pride.

         It was starting to get dark by the time they made it back to their place. Mom had gotten a bit dressed up since she'd gone out as a nurse. Since she had her own business, she worked at home, which suited Andy just fine. Since his dad had left before his fifth birthday, mom had tried to make holidays extra special for him.

         Mom went into the living room to rest up, Chip following on his leash. Andy promptly plopped down into the love seat and upended his bounty. He began sorting his loot, good, bad, and anything he might consider later or pass on to mom. It was a near nonexistent pile. So far, he had separated the chocolate, and the sweet/tart candy. Taffy and tootsie rolls were given their own. Because tootsie rolls had other flavors beside chocolate. They also had grape, vanilla, and orange.

         He also had landed a total of 50 cents, which he planned on keeping. No sense in rejecting money freely given.

         He had also received apples on two occasions. His mother just told him to say thanks and move on. He'd thrown away the soft, mushy, yellow one. He didn't know how that one had gotten into the handouts. He'd promptly thrown it into the garbage as soon as opportunity arose. The next was significantly better, a granny smith. Delicious, and completely put the other to shame. All that walking around had made him hungry after all.

         Now he examined his booty once more. He had a growing collection of gummies. eight so far, some Sponge bob Crabby Patties- at least four of those. Two gummy eyes, a gummy pumpkin, and a gummy frog. He wasn't discriminating amongst gummies.

         The final thing was a popcorn ball. Probably the largest one in all the world. How was he expected to eat that? It didn't look like it could fit into his mouth. He couldn't chuck it like the apple. His mother has seen to that. Mrs. Gretchen had given it to him. Her husband has died recently from a brain tumor. Mom thought it criminal to refuse. He had politely accepted it and moved on.

         What could he do? He didn't want to insult his neighbor. She was nice and always gave out candy on Halloween. He just couldn't do that to her. But he didn't want to have to eat it. He seemed to have little choice. That is, until he got an idea.

         Chip was resting on her feet and the TV was on low when she was startled by her son's sudden appearance. He looked adorable as she saw what he was offering. She managed a smile as her son announced ''You can have it mommy.''
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