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by Noni
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Every few minutes apart we have a choice to make - either we continue or surrender.
Each day starts with a new opportunity
The sun rises once again giving us another chance
Till we hit the bed again that very night
Life gives us another chance to rethink revise and redo
Life gives us another chance to make new choices
Do we know we have the power to make choices?
Are we consciously living that day or waiting for it to be over?
How we live today will impact our tomorrow
So stop! Re-evaluate your choice that you just made 5 mins ago
You cannot undo whats done but wait for the next knock on your door 5 mins from now
Challenge yourself enough - as mind plays its own games
Let the mind know you have the power to conquer it
Each and every time until it gets the message
Dont give in - not yet! Continue the journey..it is yet not over
The day is not over yet
If you have made a mistake divert your attention and forgive yourself
Tomorrow will be a new day
You will have same power to make new choices
Value yourself avoid any trip to a guilt lane
Because to err is human and its okay
The choices you made today will impact tomorrow
So slow down let us walk before you run
You dont have to prove to anyone that you can do it
Unfortunately the parenting we receive conditions our mind at an early stage
But know that we have the power to retune our mind and recondition it
Make choices but first know that you have the power to
Know that you can succeed
Know that you are not alone
We are all in this show together
We can make it happen
Make choices Value yourself Thank yourself
Tomorrow will be a new day
Tomorrow will be a new opportunity
You can do this so can I
Make choices but first know that you have the power to. Yes you do.
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