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4 th outline - Traditional one
I. Em has her drivers license
         a. em has fight with parents
b. Em shuts herself up in her bedroom
c. Lilith and Daphne talk to her and tell her to apologize to her parents
d. Em apologizes
e. Em is in a bad accident
f. Lilith and Daphne tell her the Trickster is back
f. the two faeries left to visit the other faeries
h. they rush back to tell Emily they need help as the Queen, Elsa has been kidnapped by the trickster

II. Emily agrees to help, even thought she has a cast on her right leg and arm.
         a. Emily leaves the house without leaving a note.
b. Brad discovers she is gone
c. The parents and Brad start searching for her in the forest
d. the Trickster keeps them confused as to where they are and where they are going.
e. The faeries help them find the way
f. They can't see the faeries.
III. The Trickster digs a very deep hole and covers it with pine needles, leaves, and things from the forest.
a. Emily falls into the hole
b. she has knocked the breath out of herself
c. When she wakes, she has twisted her left ankle.
d. Em tries to use her crutches to get out of the hole but she is too weak and unable to
e. It starts to drizzle rain and turn cooler.
f. emily begins to cough

IV. The Trickster comes back and stands looking down at Emily
a. He laughs and says he will be back for her after he finishes with the Queen Elsa.
b. Lilith and Daphne hurries to get the warrior faeries
c. The warrior faeries do their best to help get Em out of the hole
d. They can't get her out.

V. Em's parents and brother finally find her
a. they begin to devise a plan to get her out.
b. Em knows the Trickster will be back
c. Em sends the Faeries to Saph to get some special tea
d. Em has her parents and brother drink the tea. - work out this part. Brainstrom on How can she do this if they don't believe her about
the faeries?
VI. Emily's dad and brother find a large dead tree and they can put down to the bottom angleing to the top.
a. Em's brother walks down the tree and gets Em.
b. He slowly starts up the tree to the top
c. Em's dad meets him half way to help get her up to the top

VII. Emily's brother and dad get her to the top
a. Em begs her parents and brother to drink the tea she has
b. they finally give in and drink it
c. That is when they see Lilith and Daphne.
d. They think the drink had been altered, but Em asures them it has not.

VIII. The Trickster shows up and is realy angry that Em is out of the hole.
a. Em's parents and brother can see him now
b. Ems' dad said, now I believe what you told us when you found us and we got home.
c. The faeries, Lilith and Daphne fly to get the warrior faeries to come back and help
d. the Trickster raises his hand to shot the fire at them and Em yells for them to duck
e. The parents didn't get hit but realized they are in for a fight.

IX The warrior faeries come to help.
a. The warrior faeris use their swords and their magic to shoot fireballs back at the Trickster.
b. It back him up, but doesn't stop him.
c. Brad runs up and throws a large rock at his face and it hits him, almost knocing him down.
d. Now the Trickster is angrier than ever. He wants them all to be killed.
e. He shoots flames, he uses his large ugly hands to knock everyone down or swats the faeries far away.

X. The Trickster catches fire again.
a. One of the Warrior faeries shoots a fireball at his clothes and they catch fire.
b. they all watch as the Trickster burns one more time and becomes ashes.
c. emily says hurry, take his ashes and spread them far and wide so he can never come back again.
d. Every faerie there takes a portion of his ashes and fly away to distribute them far and wide as Em said.
e. Em and her parents and brother take the last few remaining ashes.

XI. Emily tells her parents and Brad that they must find Elsa before something bad happens to her.
a. The faeries and Em discuss where to look
b. em says she is sure Elsa is not in the Mausoleum
c. Brad says, even though she isn't there she coud be somewhere around or in the cemetary
d. They all start walking towards the old cemetary with the faeries.

XII. Everyone is at the old cemetary
a. The faeries fly up into the trees looking for her.
b. Brad walks around the out part of the cemetary with his parents, looking for anything that could be where she is
c. Emily, Lilith and Daphne stay inside of the cemetary and go from grave to grave, looking for anything that might give them a clue
of where she could be

XIII. Emily sees what appears to be a straw but is actually a piece of bamboo, sticking out of the ground.
a. She gathers everyone together and they start digging with anything they can find to dig with
b. After several minutes have gone by, they hit something solid.
c. Everyone digs faster and they find a tiny little box with a tiny piece of hollow bamboo sticking out of it.
d. the hole is very deep and it has taken them right at an hour to get to the box.

IX. Emily opens the box and finds Queen Elsa laying on the floor of it not moving.
a. In her haste, emily blows tiny bit of air into Elsa tiny mouth. then she calls Lilith and Daphne to do the same.
b. Lilith and Daphne each take turns, then Emily show them how to do CPR using her finger and very gently pushing on her diaphram
c. The faeries take their turns. All of a sudden, Elsa moves a tiny bit.
d. Em tells them not to stop.
e. Elsa is refived and sits up. It takes her a few minutes to realize where she is and what had happen.
f. the faeries take the grass binding off of Elsa so she can get up and move or fly around.

X. Elsa is amazed Emily family can see her and hear her.
a. Em explains about the tea.
b. Em ask Elsa why she didn't use her magic on the trickster.
c. Elsa explained her tied her up before she even knew what was happening. She needed her hands to work her magicl
d. Elsa tells the warrior faeris to go and make preperations for a big party for Em and her family.
e. They race off to make the preparatrions.

XI. First the faeries are firghtened because the family can see and hear them.
a. Elsa tells them not to be afraid as they are EVelyns family and they helped find her and saved her from death.
b. The faeries begin playing their music and dancing
c. Em watches her family as they watch the faeries and look at they different ones and she laughs
d. they asked why the laughter and she told them about her experienced when she first saw all of them too.

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